What’s This All About???

The point of this blog is to promote the creative expression of a spirited culture.  The inspirations for this blog come from http://www.keepupspirit.ning.com and Spirit Tribe.

Spirit Tribe was founded by Raa Shambo and myself almost 4 years ago.  Spirit Tribe is all about healing and sustainability through creative pursuits.  Those who have creative projects or would like to pursue creative projects with a purpose should check out the aforementioned website, and ask how to join Spirit Tribe.

I will use this blog to show my contributions to Spirit Tribe, as well as show inspirations that are aligned with this project and other creators out there that I think should be promoted.  If you have a creative project you’re working on that you’d like me to feature, send me a message.

Rebel Yogi– Is a weekly series about the story of a spiritual journey of a rebellious yogi!  This is a challenge for myself to work continuously on the same project.  The stories themselves are stories that break yogic living out of its stereotypical limitations.

Aniweda Om– are my spiritual writings, readings and projects including dance, music, etc.  These are intended to be helpful for others and present the creativity of intuitive and spiritual practice.

Feather Stories– are stories promoting the ANIWEDA paradigm that so interests me.  Things I have written and videos, etc. that inspire me.  Included will be poetry, song lyrics, my journaling and more.

and as mentioned already…

Spirit Tribe– is creative healing projects from others and tips on creativity, including how I’m using my creativity throughout the week.

Also, if you’re interested in supporting this work any donations would be greatly appreciated.  The goal is merely to pay for the http://www.ning.com website associated with this project.


What Chu Say?

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