Dreaming of Veggie Oil, Nomadic Dreams Pt. 2

Runs on free recycled vegetable oil

Runs on free recycled vegetable oil (Photo credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious)

A little over a year ago I got into my first (and hopefully only) car crash.  My little Honda was crushed into precarious maneuverability (wow I can’t believe that’s a word) mode.

I felt immediately before the crash that we’d been driving around too much anyway, and I was eager to get a bike and take a serious decline in automobile usage.  Despite the scariness and overwhelming to-do list after the crash, I was happy to not have a car to drive.  It was doable, though it would’ve been much better with a bike(my bike was stolen twice) to live a car-free lifestyle.  I really couldn’t complain.

That doesn’t work everywhere, however.  The town I live in now isn’t as walker-friendly.  I don’t live in a part of town where I can walk to the things I need.  The city isn’t even biker-friendly and the public transportation isn’t worth mentioning.

On with my dream of being a family on the road, I am future-tripping on motorhomes I can use eco-style.  I’m very much uninterested in gas stations.  I really want to live somewhere where I can walk at times, and ride a bike, preferably a cargo bike, and then when I need to leave that town, I’d like to go in my converted bus or van, or truck with camper and travel trailer.

Here’s some information on alternative fuels: