Vegan Pozole’ Soup

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So I decided these last few days of October are soup days!  I had the idea of making Pozole‘ a few weeks ago, but I hadn’t quite looked for a recipe, just that there were vegan recipes out there somewhere.

I went in the store Wednesday with the idea of getting as much as I could to last several days…I really don’t like grocery shopping.  So I ran into a can of hominy with a Pozole recipe on the back and I just decided to wing it.  I grabbed the enchilada sauce and just decided not to worry about the rest…

Today, everyone in my family was sniffling, snotty or worse.  I don’t think I’ve ever started dinner so early.  I think it was 3:30pm when I started cooking and we ate around 6:45pm.  My daughters actually didn’t eat any Pozole.  The oldest ate rice and they both ate a little of a kiwi/apple salad I chopped up.  It was the first night since Wednesday that we didn’t have jicama.  I really wanted to chop up jicama into the pozole, but I was also handwashing cloth diapers and doing several other things at the same time.  Maybe next time.

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In this Pozole I used a whole can of hominy.  I poured it into the rice cooker(cause we couldn’t find a lighter to light our stove), chopped in some fresh(free) yellow bell peppers and let it go for a little while with water.  A half hour(or so) later I added in the enchilada sauce, I let it go for another half-hour-ish.  Then I chopped up red onions, cabbage and put the juice of 3 limes into the soup.  I let that simmer until it started running over…well that happened when I decided to chop in some zucchini squash and green onions.

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Voila, easy and pleasing.  We(the adults in the family) ate the soup with rice and tortilla chips.  I just had my 3rd or 4th or…(really not counting) last bowl after warming up the soup after putting the girls to bed and it was better this time…with no tortilla chips.  I think I’m stuffed and ready for bed now.  It’s been a tiring week and I need to get back on my no gluten thing again.  Which I did very well until either Tuesday or Wednesday(probably both).

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Oh yeah, we got a lot of free produce this week and a lot of dates…you will see a very excited me soon!


Health/Nutrition Journal & My 11-Week Plan To World Domination(j/k, sorta)


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Last weekend I didn’t go to el mercado, so it was a low-fruit week.  Due to this I had to limit my fruit to make it last.  I decided I wanted to do an experiment a few weeks ago, anyway, so I figured this was a good time to start.  The idea is that I have been transitioning to a low-fat raw vegan diet for several years now.  I’ve been able to do it really well for months at a time, but not as consistently as I’d like.  I’m not obsessive about it, but I really have seen how beneficial and common sensical it is for me to follow this health pattern for my mental and physical health. I also really like the way it simplifies things for me and fits in with my wanna-be nomadic, minimalist, mystic life.  Eating this way is great for someone who works in the creative & healing arts, and it is great for mama’s of little girls who need to be in play-mode often.

The other thing that is great about this lifestyle is that it helps me organize my blog.  I’ve been planning on organizing my blog a certain way for a few months now, but as you can see, if you look around this site, I’ve been wordy, rather than informational.  I needed to express and I wanted to make sure my blog says what it needs to say about me, my life and my views, so that those who peruse this block in cyber-space would understand where I’m coming from.  Now that I’ve thoroughly done that, though not completely, I mean nothing is ever really complete is it?  I will focus this blog on really showing what I’m doing… my adventures, my journey.  (hence the ‘journey with me’ tagline)  I mean to journal what I’m doing in the different parts of my life and post the facts that are muy importante.

Oh yeah, that reminds me.  I really want to live in Central or South America.  For as long as I can remember that has been my dream.  When I was in high school some of my friends joked that I would become a hermit artist living in the Chilean Andes.  I don’t know if that is because I had a crush on Chilean tennis players or what…but they tagged a real longing of mine that I had and didn’t express even at that time.  Since then, I’ve had many opportunities to work in Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Honduras, Ecuador and Brazil, and yet I haven’t taken that opportunity.

At the times when those possibilities sprung forth I was new to adulthood and a little afraid of getting stuck far away from my family.  Now I wish I would’ve taken the opportunity.  In the Raw vegan community living in a tropical environment is central to long-term success.  For some it is central to beginning.  When I first stumbled upon this lifestyle I left everything I had behind(it was easy to do), and went to Florida searching but I needed more wisdom to find what I was looking for.  It was a great time though, I loved eating just picked tiny, super sweet mangos!  So anyway, this is my goal.  For my health, which I’ll share more with you later, and for my happiness, albeit a little off-beat.  I decided I want to take step-by-step documented steps to getting to my goal.  So I created an 11-week easy, peasy plan to dominating my own world.

I started journaling on 10/13.  My goal for this first week is just to eat fruit for breakfast.  This was easy and I actually started doing it the day before.  On Tuesday I ate a dateorade smoothie, which consisted of dates(about 8), half an apple and some mint.

  • The next day it was even better.  I had day-old dateorade, then I went outside and had 3 glasses of water.  I spent about an hour basking in the direct sunlight.   I then had french fries with salsa verde and burritos for lunch, and okra & rice noodles for dinner, as well as some apple sauce and apple juice.   I was moderately mobile on that day, picking up babies and such, as well as groovin’ with my daughters a little bit.
  • On Thursday I had a banana/strawberry smoothie for breakfast.  Then I had applesauce as a snack, I had rice, okra and broccoli for dinner and apple juice, and hummus & crackers for a snack.  I didn’t get much sunshine or water that day.  I didn’t move too much either.  I slept in pretty late.
  • Friday I had oranges for breakfast.  I lost my journal so I don’t know what else I ate that day.
  • Saturday I had apples for breakfast.  Same thing.  I exerted myself in the sun and took a lot of walks and playtimes with my kids outside.  I had an odwalla juice and some bread for a late night snack and stayed up until after 2am.
  • Sunday I had an odwalla juice, apple and quite a few bananas for breakfast.  I spent a lot of time exerting myself in the sun.  Drank a few cups of water.  Then I had noodles for lunch and dinner.  I had a plum, some pomegranate, apple and grapes for snack.  It took me a long time to fall asleep the night before, but I still woke up around 10am.

On a mental level, I’ve been expressing my emotions really well this week and seeing my past in a more wise perspective than I have before.  I haven’t been super active, but I keep up.  This weekend I went to the market both days and spent less than $60.  The only thing disappointing was that I was planning on getting papayas and they had cero… and there were no lemons or persimmons.  The tomatoes were not ripe, either.

  • I got 3 stuffed bags of bananas on Saturday and 4 bunches of ripe bananas on Sunday!
  • 4 pomegranates
  • several plums
  • 4 limes
  • 1 jicama
  • 7  squash
  • 7 avocadoes
  • a huge bag of apples
  • 11 or so oranges
  • a bunch of kiwis
  • a huge bag of grapes
  • lettuce
  • cabbage
  • 2 red bell peppers

My Meal Plan For The Week:

Monday: Banana smoothie//Kale/apple juice & Cooked kale/grain salad//  Burritos & guacamole w/ jicama

Tuesday: Orange juice & chopped apples, grapes & bananas// Oatmeal & applesauce// Pizza & salad

Wednesday: Banana icecream topped with pomegranate// Cucumber/grapefruit snack// Rice soup w/ avocado// Stuffed cabbage & Gumbo

Thursday: Apples w/ plum/date sauce// grape stew (with apple or orange) snack// Stuffed bell peppers// Coleslaw & Veggie soup

Friday: Kiwis & bananas tossed// Datorade snack// Gazpacho y Chayote salad // Rice & Guacamole w/ jicama & Potato Soup

Saturday: Banana icecream// Kiwis & grapes// Chayote salad y Horchata// Squash noodles w/ mango sauce & Potato Salad

Sunday:  Banana/mango smoothie//Orange juice //Nopales salad w/ rice cereal// Rice noodles & salad

So I will go grocery shopping once this week for potatoes, more lettuce, rice, oatmeal(maybe), rice cereal and rice noodles, as well as some veggies, tortillas and beans problamente.  Somewhere throughout the week I’ll have raw hummus.

So I have a 9 week plan to world domination:  By the weeks:

  1. Fruit for breakfast
  2. A 500+ cal breakfast of fruit (no gluten)
  3. Fruit for breakfast & snack (eat as much for breakfast as I can)
  4. Fruit for breakfast, snack & a salad everyday (make sure I drink 2+ liters of water daily)
  5. Fruit for breakfast, snack, w/lunch & a salad everyday (chart my calories, 2000 from fruit/daily)
  6. Fruit all day until dinner time & a salad w/ dinner (make sure I’m getting 3k cals/day and the 80/10/10 ratio)
  7. Raw fruit or veg for all meals (start charting my exercise routine)
  8. 80/10/10 for all meals & snacks (no salt)
  9. Mono-meals for breakfast & lunch (start sharing meals & thousand cal mono breakfast)
  10. Fruit Island, most likely Persimmon Island…my favorite! (Vlog daily about how much I’m enjoying it!)
  11. Whatever I want to do!  Celebrate and indulge in whatever I want!  (Week long fruit fiesta, I’d imagine, a vay-kay, I’m sure!)

If anyone else out there…(I know you’re out there!) has a plan, transition or health change their attempting, please let me know.  I’d love to support, possibly commiserate and definitely celebrate with you out there in blog-land about transitioning to healthy lifestyle choices that empower your own sense of world domination! (mwah, ha, ha, ha!)  Share below if you can relate, por favor!

Vegan Sick-Day Soups

Refried beans

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So, I’m sick. I’ve been sick for a whole week, in varying levels. While I’m doing better in most ways, my mouth is very sore and sensitive and I can only handle the most simple foods. Fruit would definitely be the best, but going to get fruit right now is difficult for me.

My last two meals have been really simple, satisfying soups and I hope they’re helpful for sick or just simple meals.

All you do is cook up some rice or get already cooked rice handy. Chop up a bit of green onions, and add or warm up some veggie broth. Then you could add in black beans, refried beans and/or avocado.

That’s it. Simple, easy to eat, easy to make and very satisfying.

Stuffed Bell Peppers, Cooked Vegan Recipe of The Week.

Bell peppers

This is super easy. I had these things left in my house and not much else. A couple bell peppers, polenta, black beans, carrots and tomato, easy vegan cuisine.

I cooked the black beans first, but if you have canned black beans you don’t need to do that, obviously. Then I cooked the polenta. It doesn’t need to be cooked completely. I put it in the rice cooker for 10 or so minutes, while I prepared everything else. I halved the bell peppers, slithered pieces of carrot with the veggie peeler and my daughter and I put slithers into the bell peppers, then we spooned in some of the beans, finally we scooped in some polenta. We topped it off with a few more slices of carrot, a tiny bit of beans and a huge slice of tomato on top of each pepper.

I had organic cherokee tomatoes and it was lovely. I put them into the oven in a glass oven dish(I don’t know the terminology) for 20-30 minutes, I wasn’t counting, I just checked in on them every now and then. This was a great, easy meal and would be great for a dinner date.

I ate the first by myself and decided I wanted the peppers cooked more so I poured some water into the dish covering the bottom and about an inch of the bell peppers. Just a few minutes later they came out perfect.

I took pictures, but I can’t get my pictures to load…to bad… try this though, it is very yummy!