Dreaming of Veggie Oil, Nomadic Dreams Pt. 2

Runs on free recycled vegetable oil

Runs on free recycled vegetable oil (Photo credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious)

A little over a year ago I got into my first (and hopefully only) car crash.  My little Honda was crushed into precarious maneuverability (wow I can’t believe that’s a word) mode.

I felt immediately before the crash that we’d been driving around too much anyway, and I was eager to get a bike and take a serious decline in automobile usage.  Despite the scariness and overwhelming to-do list after the crash, I was happy to not have a car to drive.  It was doable, though it would’ve been much better with a bike(my bike was stolen twice) to live a car-free lifestyle.  I really couldn’t complain.

That doesn’t work everywhere, however.  The town I live in now isn’t as walker-friendly.  I don’t live in a part of town where I can walk to the things I need.  The city isn’t even biker-friendly and the public transportation isn’t worth mentioning.

On with my dream of being a family on the road, I am future-tripping on motorhomes I can use eco-style.  I’m very much uninterested in gas stations.  I really want to live somewhere where I can walk at times, and ride a bike, preferably a cargo bike, and then when I need to leave that town, I’d like to go in my converted bus or van, or truck with camper and travel trailer.

Here’s some information on alternative fuels:



Wordless Wednesday: Dreams of Nature

A few years ago I spent about half a year living in nature.   In the mountains, on the beaches, camping out in a tent, and sometimes sleeping directly in the naked air.  I miss extended outdoor living and have to share this beautiful dream. ~~~

How close have you been to the ephemeral sweetness of nature?  Could you live in the wilderness for an extended period?

Baby Steps of An Uncomfortable Truth On Class, Culture & Ethnicity

Another truly defining inspiration for this blog was race, culture and ethnicity. I have a view that I rarely if ever have seen expressed elsewhere. This is the purpose of blogging for me, to express things I rarely if ever see expressed or feel comfortable expressing elsewhere…and yet my main inspiration for blogging is something I have not really delved into. I’ve barely introduced the topic and so here I will in baby steps get started on this idea.

Step 1: Awareness
I am aware that mainstream U.S. dreams and ideas about race, culture and ethnicity seriously disturbs me.

I am aware that the media and commercialism in no way represents reality or even positivity or authenticity in these respects, but I am not sure that people who spend a lot of time consuming and being mediated with these mainstream tools are quite as aware. I’m also painfully aware that children are not aware of the misrepresentation and disrespect for cultural, ethnic and racial diversity…I know because I remember exactly what it was like as a kid to hear mainstream views and to see mainstream visions in TV, magazines, movies, toys, everything. I created myself based on those ideas and struggled with forging my own authenticity in the face of it all.

I have also witnessed first-hand the damaged self-esteem and confusion, paranoia and delusion that these mindsets perpetuate. I’m also counter-attacking it all daily with my 4-year-old.  I’m not comfortable with the idea that this is just the way things are and I’m mining for expansive viewpoints and actions to take along the way to balance.  As I tackle this first step I will give heed to the numerous affects, attempts to articulate and next steps in multicultural living.

–Still Dreaming

It’s Been A Busy…Month?

Excuse my absence, but in the last 26 days since I last posted almost everything has changed in my life…things are in limbo, but you know I kinda like it this way.

I’ve realized how many things I’ve been letting get away and where life lost its luster for me.

Intentionally I have been holding some things back from my blogging experience.  Somethings that weighed heavy on my heart and greatly affected everything I did.  I contemplated writing about it, but sometimes things are so fresh there is no appropriate angle to show it… I’m still kinda there… waiting for the new car scent to drift into familiarity.

I did the inevitable…I got on an airplane…I got on two airplanes, with two children under the age of 5, by myself, tried to carry several of our things and tried to be vegan, healthy and hydrated…I actually even tried to be calm and happy about it… yeah, I’m crazy.

I flew across the country and I am now visiting with my family.  Just me and my girls.  This is one of those extended visits that I love.  I don’t like spending a few days in one place.  I like to spend a month or two or…more.  That is my tentative plan here as well.  December was busy.  I talked to more people in December than I probably talked to in the past 6 months…I also spent more time by myself than I have in about a year and a half.

I’ve had a lot of time to think, reevaluate and make some decisions about what I want in my life…what I believe is worth trying, what I believe life is all about.  Last month, it was hard to imagine a non-chaotic, health supportive environment.  I imagined all right, I dreamed, I wished, I hoped, I prayed, but it was hard… it’s not so hard anymore.

My 28th birthday is this upcoming Friday the 13th.  I’m really excited because I was also born on Friday the 13th and 28 for some reason was an age I decided on when I was in elementary school as a guidepost.  I decided that if I wasn’t in a certain place I would use this year to get there.  Where is that place, what is that place, I was dreaming of?  I’m trying to remember and I’m trying to make it real.

I missed blogging and I can’t wait to redefine this blog and my life, in general.  May the technology gods spare me anymore disasters with phones, documents, computers and cameras…its been a rocky start already.