The Aniweda Dream is Going Live?


Dear readers I am so sorry I have been so negligent.  I have so much to share with you all, but I have had a serious lack in computer participation.  I know many of you are thinking “hey, you said you were going to write about bipolar, dreams, RV living, and other-topic-promised to dear readers”.  I really do intend on getting to this.


English: Volkswagon bug RV

English: Volkswagon bug RV (Photo credit: Wikipedia) How could I not post this picture?!




In fact I have several unfinished drafts and perhaps a few that are finished except for the corresponding imagery.  You all know by now I am so bad at brevity.  I cannot just say, “hey guys, my computer hates me and I have too much going on to create these gigantic posts, so here is some coolness to tide you over”.  Some bloggers are great at tiny, little blog posts.  Just like some writers can create stories in just one paragraph.




I have always envied those types of writers.  However, that is not me.  I have to write something out as if it was a novel…then begin to condense and compartmentalize and edit it down for you all to read comfortably.




This habit of mine has changed my world from being a poet/creative writer, who does freelance writing on the side, to a blogger, who does freelance writing on the side, and always intends to get back to the poetry and stories waiting to be submitted somewhere.  For these reasons the Aniweda Dream is going live in more ways than one.  Live-action for one, as well as live chats and live-in-person.




I have also determined that I have at least one book waiting to be compiled in my dashboard and that will be coming to you all soon.  I promised to write about a particular topic and realized it just wants to be more than a blog post or even a series of posts.  So thank you all for continuing to read, despite my inactivity.  It has inspired me to keeping putting my stories together, and very soon, I’ll be sharing things I’ve wanted to share for a very long time.




As I clear things out of my drafts folder and put them into their rightful place, this blog will begin to look and feel a lot more like a dream.   And I’m going to make it official with a more appropriate domain name too.  So please stick around because I have really been working quite hard behind the scenes and I am near ready to really show off.




I have a question though, if you could help me out a bit.  I know I have been all over the place with this blog.  I started it when I was pregnant with my second daughter and got really into it talking about my health/nutrition experiences.  I’ve shared lots of different topics and explored many different looks, but this blog has always had a subtle purpose for me, and yet I am not sure how much I have touched on that for viewers to see.




If you could share with me what this blog represents to you…why do you read it?  What do you enjoy most about the posts?  What do you wish I’d write about more or less?  I know I have ventured and taken risks and made mistakes here, but I am now realizing how to reflect my intentions better with my writing and I’d love to hear back from you readers.




–Keep Dreaming









Still Dreaming of Taking This Dream On The Road…(and an introduction to manifesting)

Big Sur, California

Big Sur, California (Photo credit: the_tahoe_guy)


Dear dreamers,

I have confessed that I am nomadic. I have no shame or illusion about this fact. About 4 years ago I left this town I currently live in, swearing I would never come here again. Certainly that I wouldn’t live here. I was very sensitive at that time…of subtle and psychic energy. I felt that this area was a pit of doom. Like a black hole that few could find their way out of. I felt it was the perfect place to get stuck, if that’s what you wanted because it would tell a hell of an effort to un-glue from this area. So when I left, I left in a fit.

Everytime that I’ve lived here since high school I have felt stir-effin’-crazy. Like I want and need to do something, to see something, and I can’t find anything or anyone here to get into. I’ve told people that I wanted to change things here. I hear people talk so much about what “they” should do here, but everything I see people doing is exactly what they’ve seen done before. I want to make a difference before I leave.




But I want to leave…NOW. No later than mid July…that leaves a little more than a month. What I thought I’d be able to do, I will not. I thought in January and now it’s June. It feels so surreal to me and like a such a waste of time, but I know it has been a growth experience for me. I see myself growing a lot. I see the ways I’ve changed, mostly in my communication and I’m proud of that.

I want to, once again get on the road. Go back to California, be truly independent, and build myself up so that someday I can come back here and not settle into some strange state of boredom and isolation, with peaks of wild dreams and unfocused energy. I want to go to some events, use my talents and gifts and passion and show my daughters myself…at my best.

At my best I am in motion. I manage being busy well, being out into nature, experiencing new things, new places, new people. I don’t handle “stuck” well. I’m fastening onto the insights and compliments from mentors and peers. I’m fastening onto the jobs and opportunities I could’ve won had my life not been so shakily attached to a Volcano of a relationship. I’m remembering the synchronicity, the symbolism, the ideas, the creative edge, the exciting progress I have made in my heyday…(or one of my heydays…maybe I should look up that word.)

I’m taking my dreams and packing them into my luggage for new horizons. In Intuition by Judee Gee I am at the Manifesting stage. I did a truly joyful imagining of dream brought to reality, in full detail. I will do this everyday. I know I have things to do, a gift to give, ways in which I can help others and myself. I am determined to see this dream come true.

(I would share more details with you but I’m hungry and happy to have internet at all right now. When I find a stable internet connection I will share in detail the gist of my dreams.  I’m sure you can do some guesses by looking at older posts.)

Full-Time RV Living For Me

I first had the idea that I’d like to live in an RV when I watched the movie My Girl. Vada’s step-mom played by Jamie Lee Curtis lived in a VW Camper Van if I’m not mistaken and I loved and fantasized about that for many years since my childhood. The first time I really considered getting one was around the time we decided as a family we would like to travel and live in a sustainable environment. I’d responded to an ad on craigslist to do eco-travel and document it by making video logs. I sent a proposal about how I thought we would make good subjects because we wanted to do it as a lifestyle and because we had a young child. Also, because we’d done a lot of eco-travel and wwoofing before, and particularly because we’re pretty entertaining, adventurous and well-written and well-spoken.

My problem with that job was that we couldn’t wait. We didn’t have a camera at the time. I’d gotten one for my birthday and it wasn’t what I wanted so I took it back. I thought I could get my mom to get another one for us, since the money went back on her card, but it didn’t happen. We didn’t have an RV… we didn’t really have a ton of savings. Our finances were kinda spiraling at that time and we didn’t know how/where to get an RV and didn’t think we had the money for one anyway. We didn’t have a laptop, which would’ve made uploading videos or blogs difficult, and once again our finances were spiraling out of control. We no longer wanted to wait. To owe more money for rent, utilities, etc.

We felt like we’d exhausted every opportunity we had to work where we were and it was time to move on. We had also just read The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Doug Graham, and we were ready to find some tropical fruit and the closest tropical environment to us was Florida. We spent about 6 months camping out in Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina. The only problem was not having enough space. We saw campers we wanted for sale in our travels and saw full-time RV livers, road-schoolers, boat-schoolers and the like. We were driving in our car and trying to spend as much time as we could in nature. We loved being minimalists, but at the same time, we found some really interesting cities and events in towns and with people. Some nights we were too tired to drive back to the mountain, or across the ocean, or whatever the case was to get to our camping site.

Flash-forward to 2 years later. Now we have 2 children. The last time we made a decent “living” was playing music on the streets while we were traveling. We have helped people and done work/trade types of services, but essentially we’ve been unemployed. We had a live/work situation that came to an end and we couldn’t find a place to live. We wanted to live in an intentional community, but none of the options we saw worked out. It seemed our best option was finding and RV. I thought we should’ve looked into this many more times since our gypsy days. I never stopped thinking about it, but at this point my husband was taking me seriously. We searched for RVs we could afford.

We drove far and wide to find one and since we were tired, it was the right color(green) and the previous owners said it was good, we purchased it. It wasn’t so good. We found an RV park and started trying to live in it and had to rip up the floors, fix pipes, and air it out. We also discovered it was really on the small side to house two adults, 2 kids and all our stuff. There is so much to learn about RV living. Luckily, my husband’s grandfather helped us get a bigger, nicer travel trailer.

The next goal will be to find a way to get on the road. The way I want to do it would be to stay in one spot for a few months at a time, maybe even half a year or more. I have specific places I want to go, I want to visit communities, retreat centers, national parks and people who share similar goals and lifestyle practices. I want to make my work portable. I want to blog, make videos and books. I also want to do services, events, classes and other forms of education related to spiritual healing, yoga, creativity, health/nutrition and parenting.

Eventually, I want my family to end up in a tropical environment. I want to live somewhere that doesn’t require going to a grocery store. I want to live somewhere with natural structures and clean air and clean water. I want my children to experience the diversity of people and the environment. I want them to learn from their experiences. I’ve seen tons of blogs on the internet of families doing just that and I am inspired to make it a reality for mine as well.

I love living in an RV, even in an RV park! I’ve always been a little creeped out by “normal” neighborhoods and the whole renting thing is definitely on my list of things I loathe. There are so many reasons to live in an RV full-time I can’t even write it all out. What I know is that it is the right thing for me and my family.

My 30 Day Raw Challenge And Parenting…


That's a zucchini seed tear.

So, yesterday was super, duper hot! My 10 month old has been walking since the 4th of July.  Tuesday I ate several bananas, watermelon, a banana/nectarine smoothie, strawberry fruit bars, and a mango banana smoothie. That’s really not all though. It was a tough day and the sneezing and runny nose was tough.  The meal from the 4th of July was just a little too much for me, I think.  Too complicated.  I was too ambitious and wanted to make a festive meal, but I realized, I wasn’t really doing it for me.  I wanted to please my family, and whenever I try to do that, it doesn’t work!

DH(Raa Shambo) informed me he would not be doing this challenge with me.  He complains about everything I make and I call him Mr. Picky.  My daughter is becoming this way too, but she’s much easier.  I realized the best way to feed her is in mono-meals.  She was an exclusively mono-meal kinda girl, until she was 3 years old, when social situations became curious to her, and she started asking for complicated things, and detesting mono-meals.  I guess that phase is over.  It took me a minute to understand why she wasn’t eating her food anymore, but I got it now.  Yesterday she made kebabs out of the blueberries we had left.  I also let her eat several plums at a time, and oranges.

I wasn’t sure that oranges were in season any longer, but I bought some at the flea market and they are great!  I’ll get more next time.  Another thing I realized about my daughter is that she isn’t super fond of eating fruit that is juicy or messy by herself.  She likes me to chop it all up and put it in a bowl for her… check that.   Yesterday I went to the store around 5pm.

It was still very, very hot here in Sacramento, and I was walking, with my daughter.  I had to go get water, so I wanted to go before it got dark.  I broke my challenge trying to find something to fuel me on the way back home.  I wanted a salad, but all the salads there had meat in them, except one.  It had pasta, spinach, roasted red peppers and olives.  I really felt like I needed something to eat, and the fruit there wasn’t ripe, nor did any of the pre-packaged fruit seem caloric or price-efficient, enough.

Whatever the case may be, I ate a cooked snack yesterday, and started this raw challenge again today.  Today, I had a banana/apricot smoothie for breakfast.  Again, I forgot that I need to shift my focus on my meals.  I was making this to please Raa, who doesn’t want mono banana smoothies…but he wasn’t even home at the time, and I could’ve made another smoothie for him if he wanted.

I drank half of the smoothie and when he came back home he devoured the rest, right as I was getting ready to finish it.  I sulked a bit and ate some nectarine, drank some water and then I made another smoothie.  I finished that one.

I monitored my daughter’s eating really well today.  I told her to finish her food and in two hours she could eat more.  She ate a few mono-meals of plums.  She snacked on cucumber, and ate one of the tacos I made… speaking of tacos.  After the smoothie I made another meal.  I loved it so much, I decided I’m going to do my first video on this meal when we get our new RV.

The kitchen in it really inspires me to make videos.  So I made White Nectarine Double-Decker Raw Vegan Tacos.  I used a combo of parsley, dill and scallions for extra flavor.  I’ve never used dill before and I really liked it.  Somehow my taco tasted a little salty, I’m thinking maybe it was the dill.  As for the parsley, with my sore palate, I think I’ll avoid eating parsley straight for a while, it was tough to chew, and I think as much as scallions help with cooked food cravings for me, if I’m not really craving anything I won’t use them, and if I do, I need to remember that a little bit goes a long way.

Now, I’m going to make a mango/banana smoothie with the remainder of the bananas we have, and hope for a miracle tomorrow(ripe bananas or a deal on mangoes).  I’m also going to re-do my budget tomorrow.  I did a quick glance at it and realized we have gone about $20 over budget so far.  But I put in lots of cushion room in our budget.  Another thing I did today was plan out my unschooling approach.  My daughter is almost 4 years old.  But I’ve known I would unschool her since before she was born.  When she was a baby I kept a notebook on all the things she was learning, all the things I was learning from her, all my ideas about things I wanted to teach her and all the characteristics she had that I thought should be noted when learning with her.

Over the years, I’ve put together many lists of things we’ve been learning and things I want to teach her and how.  I did elimination communication with her, starting at 8 months and she was using the potty successfully and regularly before age 2.  We’re doing the same thing with my now 10 month old.  We’re also doing some sign language, and learning spanish, and my oldest is pretty well versed about health and nutrition.  She knows a lot about human anatomy, childbirth, and child/maternal health for humans and other animals, but I realize she needs more regularity with this and more active learning.

My main goals the remainder of this summer are to get us on a good schedule.  Since it is so hot that will mean waking up very early, and swimming more often, they both have to learn to swim.  I’m also working on barriers related to our breastfeeding relationship.  Also, I need to go to the market on Saturday and Sunday and stock up both days.  My shopping for the week was not planned out so well.  My apricots didn’t ripen and I really didn’t have enough sweet fruit to last through the week.  I finished my last batch of bananas with the smoothie.  Here’s to a produce co-op and buying from a wholesale distributor in the next week or so!

P.S. Today we watched this awesome video from about a year ago.   It helped put things into perspective.  We decided to do a follow-up video that we’ll record later this week. Okay, well, I’ll figure out how to put the video up, and put them both up at the same time. It was the last time I was very dedicated to this lifestyle, immediately before we moved to Sacramento.