Baby Steps of An Uncomfortable Truth On Class, Culture & Ethnicity

Another truly defining inspiration for this blog was race, culture and ethnicity. I have a view that I rarely if ever have seen expressed elsewhere. This is the purpose of blogging for me, to express things I rarely if ever see expressed or feel comfortable expressing elsewhere…and yet my main inspiration for blogging is something I have not really delved into. I’ve barely introduced the topic and so here I will in baby steps get started on this idea.

Step 1: Awareness
I am aware that mainstream U.S. dreams and ideas about race, culture and ethnicity seriously disturbs me.

I am aware that the media and commercialism in no way represents reality or even positivity or authenticity in these respects, but I am not sure that people who spend a lot of time consuming and being mediated with these mainstream tools are quite as aware. I’m also painfully aware that children are not aware of the misrepresentation and disrespect for cultural, ethnic and racial diversity…I know because I remember exactly what it was like as a kid to hear mainstream views and to see mainstream visions in TV, magazines, movies, toys, everything. I created myself based on those ideas and struggled with forging my own authenticity in the face of it all.

I have also witnessed first-hand the damaged self-esteem and confusion, paranoia and delusion that these mindsets perpetuate. I’m also counter-attacking it all daily with my 4-year-old.  I’m not comfortable with the idea that this is just the way things are and I’m mining for expansive viewpoints and actions to take along the way to balance.  As I tackle this first step I will give heed to the numerous affects, attempts to articulate and next steps in multicultural living.

–Still Dreaming