Updates and Goals to Close the Gap of Time!

Wow, it’s been forever!

I’m not sure where to start, but something called me back to this blog! It’s been calling for awhile but I finally answered.  I’ve been through a ton since I last posted.  I guess I have some refining to do, because although a lot of the things I wrote about here are still relevant there is a different vibe and different level of interest and commitment.

If anyone is still reading you’ll know what I mean soon, because I’m going to be using this blog to help me create my creative projects.  I have been working on my other two websites and they’ve been kicking my butt, but it’s time to jump back into the creativity pool and dive deep.

My goals for this year are:

  • To finish the project called Featherstory (a book, at the least, might also record it)
  • To finish the project called The Aniweda Dream (not the blog, this will never be finished)
  • To create tons of spoken word
  • To create my one-woman-show
  • To have one reviewable/critique-ready ‘something’ every week
  • To supplement my writing by delving back into dance
  • To supplement my writing and dance by delving back into music
  • To supplement my writing, dance and music by trying my hand at mandalas, paper crafts and fiber arts
  • To consume a whole lot of art…this has never been an issue for me anyway!
  • To get deeper into dreaming!

On Feb. 14th I will do something special to commemorate and log this new commitment to creativity!


Experience Great Poetry

So last post I was wondering about what people consider poetry to be.

This time, I just want to show an example of what I consider to be a great poem.

Here are the lovely words.  Read them and let me know what you think.

The Things That People Call Poetry

As a reluctantly published poet I find it to be very interesting to see the word in use by non-poets.  Or maybe, I should say those that I don’t consider to be poets.  It’s not about being published, that is not what makes a poet.  Being good with words, is.

I’ve had tons of people tell me that they really never liked poetry until they read something I wrote.  Or that they hate most poetry, but they really like my stuff.  I’ve had people ask me to read their poems, and ask me what I think.  Of course as a poet, I’ve read and critiqued many other poems that I did not write.

But fairly often I see words typed somewhere that people consider poetry and I am confused.  Putting words on a page and then pressing enter instead of letting it go all the way across the screen, isn’t writing poetry.  Writing lots of rhyming words together isn’t poetry.  But what is poetry?  What is poetry to you?

Adopt a Homeless Person

This is an amazing story. This is the perfect example of karma yoga and living your dreams. Dream deeply my friends!



How would you react if you came across a malnourished homeless woman whilst trekking through the mountains? Would you walk on by? Or would you welcome her warmly into your own family? Anis and her family have gone above and beyond; they’ve adopted a homeless woman.

When I was younger, I wanted to show to the world that I could do it. I grew up in a little village in the North of Bali and, possibly because we lost my father when I was just four years old, we didn’t have much. I was therefore determined that when I got older, I would work hard to make my life better and to help my mom to also have a better life.

Now that I’ve built Harmony, I’m emotionally and financially strong enough to help other people who need it. I now belong to IWAPI, an…

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