The Power of The Feminine

The Aniweda Dream is a dream I had that opened me up to new possibilities and new powers within myself.  It was something that I knew was brewing somewhere deep inside and a for a brief period of my life I lived it.  When it was over I knew it was something I had to write about and keep connected with and so this blog was born.

I’ve been absent from writing on this blog for the better part of 3 years I’d say, because I’ve been out there trying to integrate this experience into my current life and I was too close to it.  Then something came over me..a desperation to solve my major issues and I joined The Pleasure Tribe last year following The Red Tent Revival.

The Red Tent Revival is happening again right now and I have seen how freaking crazy far I’ve come and it’s amazing.  Here the top things I have learned from Red Tent Revivals and The Pleasure Tribe.

  • How to say no.  I’ve always been a people pleaser, but learning to say no is something I knew I needed, but didn’t know how to make this decision, now I know.
  • How to heal from sexual trauma.  This is the main reason I joined the Pleasure Tribe, being raped pushed me back 50 paces or 10 years in the past.  I had a lot to heal and I knew it was affecting all my relationships.
  • How to pick romantic partners and feel empowered in dating.  This goes back to the last point.  I thought I should be dating.  I had a feeling there was something I wanted from these experiences but I didn’t know what and so I felt lost, confused, frustrated and indecisive about it.  Now I don’t.
  • How to listen deeper to my intuition and trust it.  I’ve always been a deeply intuitive person, but I don’t always follow my intuition.  As a matter of fact I have defied my intuition many times and went through unnecessary chaos because of it.  Essentially the reason this part of me improved was the community of women in the Pleasure Tribe.  I was already very experienced in intuitive growth but being validated changed it all for me.
  • How to enjoy my body more.  Just yes.   Body image, better sleep, feeling good while walking, dancing, etc.
  • How to understand and forgive myself.  Like I said I’ve made lots of mistakes, usually knowing that I was doing so, simply ignoring my intuition.  Now I have a deeper understanding of how my mind and hormones work and I feel good about all the painful moments of my life now.
  • How to know the difference between a safe and dangerous man.  This is so important.  A dangerous person can ruin your life and it can be very hard to dig yourself out of that whole.  I’m confident that I can see the difference now and that makes me feel okay with myself out in the world, rather than hiding and avoiding all men.
  • How to heal my relationships in my family.  This is huge, but I learned a lot about men and women, masculinity and femininity and a lot of my relationships have grown exponentially since I’ve been in the Pleasure Tribe.

I had training in masculine/feminine balance and relationships when I was really young, but I didn’t have the context to “walk the talk”.  Because the Pleasure Tribe and reaching my 30’s(probably) I now understand the things I learned a decade before and so much more.  If you’re interested there’s two days left to get the free content so join now: Here or Here.

The Red Tent Revival is changing the world.


Updates and Goals to Close the Gap of Time!

Wow, it’s been forever!

I’m not sure where to start, but something called me back to this blog! It’s been calling for awhile but I finally answered.  I’ve been through a ton since I last posted.  I guess I have some refining to do, because although a lot of the things I wrote about here are still relevant there is a different vibe and different level of interest and commitment.

If anyone is still reading you’ll know what I mean soon, because I’m going to be using this blog to help me create my creative projects.  I have been working on my other two websites and they’ve been kicking my butt, but it’s time to jump back into the creativity pool and dive deep.

My goals for this year are:

  • To finish the project called Featherstory (a book, at the least, might also record it)
  • To finish the project called The Aniweda Dream (not the blog, this will never be finished)
  • To create tons of spoken word
  • To create my one-woman-show
  • To have one reviewable/critique-ready ‘something’ every week
  • To supplement my writing by delving back into dance
  • To supplement my writing and dance by delving back into music
  • To supplement my writing, dance and music by trying my hand at mandalas, paper crafts and fiber arts
  • To consume a whole lot of art…this has never been an issue for me anyway!
  • To get deeper into dreaming!

On Feb. 14th I will do something special to commemorate and log this new commitment to creativity!

Posts I Think You Oughtta Read, While I Prepare Something Awesome Just For You!

Hey there,

It’s been awhile right? I think I didn’t post anything at all last month…it’s been crazy, I’ve been getting clear, I’ll tell you all about it later.  In the meantime I’d like you to do a couple things for me.

1. Read these articles:  About the Nez Perce, About An Intentional Co-housing Community, Indigenous People, About Mourning, On Blogging,  Poetry and Art/Creativity, Spirituality Tips and Dreaming, Creating your life, Raw Vegan Nutrition, Natural Birth & Parenting, Alternative Economy/Minimalism/Lifestyle, Alternative Health/medicine

2. Let me know what you like about them…which you’d like to hear more about(or about the topics they represent)

3. Let me know what brought you to this blog…are you a long-time subscriber?  If so which blog(s) or topic(s) attracted you to this blog?  What do you want me to write more about?  Since I’m writing all over the place, my firs-born blog here hasn’t gotten as much attention, but there is still a place in my heart for the readers and community over here, as well as the topics and the posts I’ve done over the last couple years on this blog and I want to have this space to write about the special things that I don’t write about anywhere else, except in my journal and sometimes I revise them and get them published.

Anyway, I wanna make sure I write about the things that people came here to read…this blog is all about community to me.   So if you could let me know how interested you are in the topics I write about and read about, that’d be great!


~~Still Dreaming


Dear Me, Welcome Back



miscarriage (Photo credit: kouk)


I haven’t been this happy in a long time.  It is 1:05am and I have a headache…but I am very happy.


I had a miscarriage a couple days ago.  I was raped a couple months ago and so the miscarriage makes me happy.  Not only that, but my health was suffering due to the pregnancy and the inner turmoil and that stress has now been lifted.  I can now eat the way I want and have energy.  I don’t have the soreness I had a few days ago.


There’s more to this all of course.  There are more complex feelings layered below my mellow bliss and it’s not like I was jumping up for joy while miscarrying, but it’s just a matter of feeling refreshed and an opportunity now to create or recreate my world again…an opportunity to actually release the built up trauma, which I rarely had time to do while trying to survive and just eat enough each day, while pregnant.



But I do have a headache…probably partially because I have started eating the way I need to eat again and in my experience (having had ER level migraines in my teens) headaches are a type of symptom and cleansing tactic of the body, often related to food and environmental toxins…hormonal toxins can also be a part of it.


Anyway, now that I am feeling hopeful, efficient, productive, inspired and…me, again.


I will return this blog and write about the many things I need to write about, and read from the many bloggers I love to read from again.  But I just wanted to share the dream…that bliss is possible.  Revel in that feeling when it comes to you…sweet dreams.


Also, I’m starting an intro Bliss Path and Bliss Group e-course on my website, feel free to fill out the sign-up form towards the top of the page here and press subscribe.  Since trauma release is one of my major topics in my work and I am in need of releasing some trauma myself, it’s the perfect to build a little community to share in the techniques I’ve used for the last 10 years releasing the many traumas of my life.

~Still Dreaming

miscarriage ritual

miscarriage ritual (Photo credit: