Posts I Think You Oughtta Read, While I Prepare Something Awesome Just For You!

Hey there,

It’s been awhile right? I think I didn’t post anything at all last month…it’s been crazy, I’ve been getting clear, I’ll tell you all about it later.  In the meantime I’d like you to do a couple things for me.

1. Read these articles:  About the Nez Perce, About An Intentional Co-housing Community, Indigenous People, About Mourning, On Blogging,  Poetry and Art/Creativity, Spirituality Tips and Dreaming, Creating your life, Raw Vegan Nutrition, Natural Birth & Parenting, Alternative Economy/Minimalism/Lifestyle, Alternative Health/medicine

2. Let me know what you like about them…which you’d like to hear more about(or about the topics they represent)

3. Let me know what brought you to this blog…are you a long-time subscriber?  If so which blog(s) or topic(s) attracted you to this blog?  What do you want me to write more about?  Since I’m writing all over the place, my firs-born blog here hasn’t gotten as much attention, but there is still a place in my heart for the readers and community over here, as well as the topics and the posts I’ve done over the last couple years on this blog and I want to have this space to write about the special things that I don’t write about anywhere else, except in my journal and sometimes I revise them and get them published.

Anyway, I wanna make sure I write about the things that people came here to read…this blog is all about community to me.   So if you could let me know how interested you are in the topics I write about and read about, that’d be great!


~~Still Dreaming



On The Business Tip…My Crazy, Urgent Idea…

Dear dreamers,

It has been a really, really busy week. I finally seem to have gotten organized and consistent with my work, getting tons of stuff done by giving myself a realistic schedule, set of tasks and taking significant breaks due to Pomodoro, thanks to

I also received the Healthy Child, Healthy World Kit and I have someone coming on to help me with my many, many projects.

Best of all, I discovered Marie Forleo and have been studying her work for a couple weeks. She has an online business course starting this Friday and I came up with the crazy idea of trying to raise the money to attend it. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go. One reason is that I want to stretch my wings and challenge myself, another reason is that I want to get the word out there about what I’m doing and plan to do, also, I really, really, really want to attend this course and get my business jump-started.

This is a really huge step for me asking for donations like this, but I am growing from it for sure, I feel very different than I did 24 hours ago. I had a really rough night too. I think that is possibly what gave me to initiative to actually go after this crazy goal of raising that much money in a few days. I spent my night on after feeling such a surge of sadness for someone I care about and for how I isolated I feel myself…and instead of hiding away and giving up on everything, only to come back to it months later, I rested and woke up fully charged and reaching out.

I also have a few business related books I’ll be reviewing soon and many other projects I’ll let you in on…but if you could lend me your ears and your fingers, and whatever else you have to offer, please check out my website and my campaign…the website might have a different address tomorrow, since I’m trying to upgrade it but it’ll be easy to search:

It Takes Time To Profit From An Online Business, Meanwhile…

While working on, planning and establishing an online business there are some things you can do to encourage connections, confidence, progress and get experience that will fuel your business once it is truly profitable on its own.

Rather you have no money to spend and you’d like to make some, or if you have money and want to invest to encourage faster progress there are great tools to help you get forward in your business, despite the work you’re doing that is directly specific to running or starting it.  Here are my tips:


Fiverr (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sign up for

Fiverr is a website that gives people the ability to connect with products and services that are worth $5.  You could get someone to do a service for you for $5 or you could list something you would like to do for others.  You can help someone get more experience, get a service done that you didn’t want to do yourself or get the word out there about your business and services, while getting more experience. There are very fun ideas on

Sign up for business 2 blogger…

If you have an online business you’re working on getting into the blogging community is important.  You can set up your own blog and find promotions you could contribute to, or you could list something you’d like to promote and get bloggers to work for you.  Business 2 Blogger is a great website.  The blog has a lot of information on internet-based business and blogs.  The jobs posted there are diverse and you can sign up as an affiliate to encourage other businesses to post blogger jobs on the site.

Sign up for wicked start…

Wicked start is a business start-up site that helps you get through each level of progress you need to address to start a business.  I personally think that if you have already started a business or you’re working freelance this site is a great tool to help you prioritize and summarize what you need and where you are in defining your work.

Sign up for or warrior 

Warrior forums are full of people talking about different techniques to succeed online.  Do What You Love is a little more focused and is the brainchild of Frederic Patenaude who blogs, and gives courses on succeeding with an online business.  They will both give you the information and education you need to continue progressing on your goals.

Are there any other tips you’d recommend?

Which of these have you tried or are you willing to try?

Financial Considerations

Budget and Spending

Image via Wikipedia

I found the book Money Love by Meadow DeVor for free download on I’m reading this book, as well as Your Money, Your Life and I’m looking for an online budget that I want to use.

The goal will be to use it everyday. When I find the one I want(before the 1st of the month), I’ll post the info here and put it up on my desktop. I can’t wait to see how my finances end up for October, with my realization and commitment to the importance of daily budgeting.

I also found the site which is a site that has a list of buyers and sellers wanting to trade services for a fixed price of $5.  I figured I’d try it out and it was pretty easy to get a couple of gigs by responding to buyers.  I also listed myself as a seller.  In a week my life coaching courses should open and this week I’m submitting poetry and stories to a few paid markets.  I’ve been working a long time to get to this point, and I can’t wait to see how it works, what needs to be tweaked and what is ready to go.