Creativity Update

So as I wrote the last time I joined The Supreme Sound course with Simrit.  During the first couple weeks of that I started recording a lot of music.  Some of them turned out okay and I’m planning to re-record them soon.  I’ve recently shared a first draft of one on my facebook page.

In addition to that I opened up my healing arts space.  I write about it on my facebook page too, all apart of the same thing.

I’ve been reading a fair amount and I edited some of my poetry and sent about 6-8 pieces to my dad for father’s day.  He is my biggest supporter and he hasn’t read anything I’ve written in a while, so that was nice.

I also found a poet I really like who has decided to trade reading/critiquing pieces with me.

I’m dancing again and should be teaching soon. Now I just need to write more, record some spoken word and find my way back into acting & performing(which I’m in talks to begin).


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