Poetry Month Productivity

Poetry was probably my first love.  I wrote songs first but that was because I didn’t know I could write poetry.  I love music, but I was a musician out of necessity.  I still love music but I want to do it from a poetic perspective.

I have a writing group that I’ve been a part of for many years, but I’ve barely written in the group in the past year.  However this poetry month I have written a lot of poetry.  I have been feeling a deep stirring within to record my poetry, spoken word style.

I also have a great idea for a poetry zine or chapbook.  I’ve started writing about my own sexual trauma.  In the past those poems have stirred a lot of good feedback in my work, but I’m writing from a different place now.

One thing I’m doing this month is joining Secrets of Supreme Sound with Simrit Kaur Khalsa, who I met during my yoga teacher training 10 years ago.  I’ve loved seeing her music evolve and gain so much respect and success over the years and I know she truly has a gift.

In addition to that I’ve joined a Visibility Club for creating live events.  And I’ve started my Secrets of Femininity Course and I’m working on practicing guitar and trying to write and read poetry as much as possible.


What Chu Say?

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