The Aniweda Dream Realized

Everglades West Lake Trail

Everglades West Lake Trail (Photo credit: Guillaume Capron)

When I started this blog(almost exactly 3 years ago back in 2010), I was reminiscing on the taste of The Aniweda Dream I’d had months earlier.  It had been almost a year later, but I knew I had never felt more alive and that this dream was forever, a part of me.  I dreamed of experiencing it again.


What I didn’t anticipate was how thoroughly I would need to come to grips with the dreams I was already living.  The conflicting dreams.  I have taken a long hiatus from this blog on more than one occasion.  It happens when I realize the things I have to write about, need to be fixed, that I can’t sit around writing about them.


And so I did, twice…at least, and I am at the tail end of fixing this last huge dream that is in complete conflict of The Aniweda Dream.  What is The Aniweda Dream, you ask?  It’s a dream of sustainability, responsibility, living in communion with nature, spiritual awareness, living with purpose, community traditions etc.


I read about the word Aniweda in a Muskogee Creek language book.  It was synchronous though because I had been focusing almost entirely on intuitive development at that time and had been exploring my ancestral history through dreams and visions during that time.  I felt the knowledge of this term, though I couldn’t reconcile exactly what it was called in my mind.  I knew it ended and started the same way as America, and had the same number of syllables.  I knew it was a truer sense of “America” for me, and I wanted to reclaim it, at least for mysefl.


Then I found the word in this book.  This was all in a matter of days, I’d imagine(though it was years ago, I could be wrong).


Once I found this word, I meditated on it.  I felt a surge of energy emanating from having this connection within and without.  I felt a distinct difference in my comfort and communion with nature.  I “channeled” the most amazing spirit dance ever, at a lookout near the Fakahatchee Strand in South Florida during this time and had an amazing experience with a couple of dancing deer as well.


I am now going to South Carolina.  To a city I lived when my first daughter was born.  A city with parks and nature areas galore.  I’m going there to get grounded and feel community and realize where I am in The Aniweda Dream, perhaps that I am and life is The Aniweda Dream.


I’ll finally put my Aniweda Dream poetry/guidebook together.  I’ll finally record the episodes of The Aniweda Dream videos that I’ve been intending to do.  I will heal and my children will heal and grow and explore in ways we haven’t been able to, due to those things I couldn’t write about, until I changed them.


I’m just a few days from changing those things, so I’m still not ready to write about it.  But if anyone is still reading, please wish me luck, and I will feel connected to anyone else who is discovering, rediscovering, realizing or creating their own dream.


~~Still Dreaming



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