Organizing For The Road

I have a couple of stories to tell…bear with me.  They are related to condensing your life into what you need or what you can carry with you in a small space…

I have treated myself to this challenge numerous times.  Once it was everything I could fit in a backpack.  The next chance I had, I acquired a suitcase too!  I domesticated pretty well over the next few years and I had a car.  The next time I decided to travel I basically stuffed everything I could into the car.  There wasn’t much organization.


Organize (Photo credit: alborzshawn)

This was the deal for a years.  Living in a stationary home is an amazing way to acquire a lot of stuff.  I know there are people who are really good at minimalizing and keeping things simple and but in general unnecessary space wants to be filled…and it is pretty easy to do so.

When we moved into our first RV, there was too little space and it took too long to try to organize thing, it was an unending, never finished project.  It is not that the RV itself was too small, but it was not suited for having/storing things…that whole capacity to store things needed some serious restoration.  Our next RV was much better.

With this RV we now had a car we weren’t using(due to car crash).  At this time we actually had two RV’s and a car and I really got into organizing and getting our living space perfect.  I very slowly put things into the trailer we were living in. Throwing things away in the RV and the car.  It was a long process but it was a lot more fun this time because I really had a space I loved that was suited for organizing and living in.


Organized! (Photo credit: mgstanton)

The one thing that was difficult was all the stuff I wanted to get rid of, but didn’t want to throw away.  During that time, something like ebay would have gone a long way.  For some reason I didn’t think of that at all…but this time, as I’m organizing, purging and getting prepared to travel again, I have become an ebay seller.

You see, I live in a house with a chronic buyer of unneeded things, who stores those things everywhere, doesn’t know what she has, and never gets rid of anything.  I didn’t even think I had much to get rid of, since I have never lived in this place before.  But as I looked in my closet and the myriad of clear box containers, I realized though I last lived with this woman in another home, the things I left there traveled with her.

I have also been overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff that children can acquire.  I never need to buy my children clothing or anything that they don’t need.  Their grandparents, etc. take care of that.  If there is ever anything I don’t want my kids to have, I can count on someone buying it for them.

I have seen that my kids are a lot happier with simplicity, however.  I will not give away everything they own, but my daughter is totally with me, that she has too much stuff and wants to give a lot of it away.  I also have ideas of getting things for them that are more natural and more simple.  In my early parenthood I was able to keep things pretty simple, but I guess I caved, or stopped my brief stint of being confrontational.

I am excited to see what I end up with and how simplified I can become again.  I’m thinking 3 bags each would be good for myself and my girls.  One for papers, one for toys, one for clothes… there will be things that don’t fit in bags however, but let’s see how this goes.

Do you have a system for organizing, purging or simplifying?  How many pairs of shoes does one child need?  How many dresses?  I know there is a fine line between not having enough and having too much… I am trying to find that line again.  Am I too much of a minimalist?


7 thoughts on “Organizing For The Road

    • It is a lot easier than I thought it would be. When you list your item ebay gives you a recommended shipping option based on how others have shipped the same or similar items and you can choose to do it differently as well. You can make it where you give free shipping or the buyer pays shipping, a flat rate or based on their location and speed. Go for it it, I am really pleased with it so far!

  1. In my household, we try to purge stuff every 6 months. If we haven’t touched it in 6 months, off to goodwill it goes. We live in a small apartment, so if we didn’t do this exercise twice a year, we’d end up on horders. Your comment on gifts from family members does resonate with me. We appreciate the love from others, but I think we’re going to have to set a line as we don’t want Cuppy to become to material or think every time she sees person X, she should receive something. Politically it’s hard to speak up on gifts, but I know deep down inside it’s something that must be said.

  2. When it come to kids its hard to control it. As you said if you don’t buy it someone else will and i usually sound like a spoil sport every time I say ‘no’ or ‘please don’t buy that’ so at the moment hubby and i buy the necessities and as our toddler out grows stuff we pass it on, either to charity to anyone or needs the item.

  3. ‘I have also been overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff that children can acquire. I never need to buy my children clothing or anything that they don’t need. Their grandparents, etc. take care of that. If there is ever anything I don’t want my kids to have, I can count on someone buying it for them’ – boy, don’t I know this scenario! I have a rule that if something new goes in the closet then something old comes out.

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