A Burning Question About Who You’d Be With A Clean State



As always Danielle Laporte hit the nail so triumphantly that everything else locked into place on it’s own. As if nails in a foundation could be dominoes and setting one off would trickle down to each and every other nail…yeah, this is a strange metaphor, but this is how I feel.

As if I was building the foundation to house my home and this nail was hit perfectly. This was the idea of erasing everything from your past and imagining who you would be…what you would be more of, if you had a clean slate.

For a much more provocative and invigorating expression of this, definitely click on the link for Danielle Laporte’s artistic perusal and inspiration for this post. Maybe you will answer the question yourself…if that is where you are right now.

I am definitely in this space, where this question is so relevant it is like I personally asked for this email to be sent day after day for hmmm, a month? Who knows how long, the point is, I am just now ready to really say it, and more importantly, do it. I am ready to say that I would be more dreamy, if you can imagine… and yet more active and more reliable…all at the same time, if I would erase the things from my past that creep beneath the door when I’m on the verge of something or maybe they knock and I let them in… I would stop second-guessing and changing my mind only to go back to the same ideas and I would be more confident and more committed…

And I know as Miss Laporte has said that I could just let it go…because I have done it before…but I have built up these new stories and maybe I am afraid to knock them down. Maybe I wasn’t done building them yet. I feel ready now to release that trauma…and I know I can and I know what it looks like and feels like afterwards… it feels like liberation. I feel more like me.



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