I Met A Love Entity

This was written on 8/25/12:

I had a dream last night…the kind of dream I haven’t had in a while, but looking back the last few nights I certainly see the build-up.

This dream took place in a post-apocalyptic time…or a post-now time anyway. The fact is that the rules of this time were very well-defined, they were very realistic and they were very transformational times…there was a lot history plugged away and a lot of new discoveries.

In the dream there was a huge building, actually a compound. There were tons of people going from room to room, inside and outside, stairwell to stairwell. There were authorities or enemies.

There was also a shopping mall, but this mall was very different from the normal “dream mall” it was huge, futuristic, interactive and no one really knew how it worked. I went from store to store with my family. Much of the mall seemed to be advertising homes, furniture, a lifestyle, a city, a way to live.

I would go into a store and it would be designed to make me want to purchase the place, to live there. I went to the bathroom in one of them and it was very futuristic. When I entered a gift certificate was ejected from a slot in the wall with my aunt’s name on it.

It was more her style and if I hadn’t needed to use the bathroom she probably would have ended up in that bathroom first.

By the end of the dream a few things happened, one is that I needed to find food. There were food courts in many different places and I could not find something I wanted or that was vegan.

Also, I seemed to have picked a place. At this point I picked a place that I felt a heart-centered attraction to. A need to be involved and protect this place. I believed in the ideals and purpose of this place.

There was an entity of love there. Not quite a leader but a lover, a model of excellence for those of us trying to live this way. This being was being diplomatic and negotiating with the “authorities”. Among many different backgrounds, shifts, movements, meetings, etc. I was there, with a few others, talking to this being, or at least communicating. I was learning, and taking action, implementing and protecting, modeling and watching.

By the end of the dream, the entity was caught, captured, captivated or just taken.  It was a decision, in a way to go away but it was one of those decisions you make because there is no better option.  Many of us stood there as our mentor was taken away.  I gave him a big hug.  A gigantically tall, but lean, soft, blue body, emitting nothing but love and light and warmth and safety.  It was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever felt…pure love.  In that moment it was the most simple and most powerful thing that could be done.  Just an enveloping touch of love…

For a brief moment I felt anxious, that I should be doing something else.  I telepathically questioned my mentor and though there was acknowledgement the only response was a deeper hug and a deeper love.

Upon waking I thought that this being was not male nor female but reminded me of Shiva.

There is another part of this dream.  That which happened after this being was taken.  It was more like incubating the dream to glean what else I needed to learn from it.  I took this and turned it into a story that I will post on my Feather Story blog this Friday.  The other part of this story is the subtle change in my life that this dream activated.  I will keep track of this energy as it churns and transforms and I will be sure to share it with you when the time is right.

I believe the most important thing about dreams is how slowly and completely they can heal and transform us and this is not often seen, because, it is slow and subtle, and we often don’t have the patience to notice and acknowledge it…but this I will do and I hope it inspires a dream revolution.  🙂

~~Still Transformed By Dreams


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