I Have The Bad Blogger Bug…


English: Seafare/Backpacker/blogger/photograph...

English: Seafare/Backpacker/blogger/photographer Rudolph.a.Furtado in a “Melakan tricycle taxi”(Friday 26-10-2007). (Photo credit: Wikipedia) * Living like this would be a great way to not catch the blogger bug!


This is what happens when you don’t get your daily recommended dose of Vitamin Blog:


  • Your weekly meal plan blog hasn’t been posted in weeks and you no longer know what you’re going to eat everyday…so you end up eating things you don’t want to eat, you end up skipping meals, you end up having things in your kitchen you can’t figure out how to utilize, you eat your meals separately from your children and eventually you eat something that gives you the bug…
  • You stop commenting on other blogs and don’t even realize when you have comments to respond to from other bloggers…so you end up feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing, where to get motivation or inspiration or where to look for advice.
  • You stopped creating Wordless Wednesday posts, Spanish Friday posts and Sunday Surf posts…so all of a sudden it’s Thursday and you realize you don’t even remember what happened to the rest of the week.  You also look back on your blog and realized you have lied to your readers about what your next blog was going to be about, because you completely forgot.
  • A hazy feeling of pre-post expectation.  This is when you expect reactions to a post that you haven’t published yet.
  • A lot of snot all over you keyboard. (yuck)  This makes your mouse, browser and all kinds of things screw up in ways you can’t comprehend.  Bad, bad, blogger.


The only way to recover from the bad blogger bug is to set up some healthy blog habits.


You may need to create a sense of clarity you have not created before.  What do you really want out of your blog, what are you really giving and sharing with your readers, is it appropriate, is it worthwhile, can you continue to deliver as is or is there a need to change your approach, theme, process?


You may need to set up some rituals to help you ease out of this transition.  Maybe you need to blog outside, set up a block of time for blogging, blog in a written journal first, or create videos or pictures, and a vision board or creation station to make your blog, more you.


It may look something like this:


Step 1:  Eat before blogging.  Not during, not after.  And when I say eat, I don’t mean snack.


Step 2: Blog before bedtime(not at bedtime).


Step 3: Create a Quarterly blog schedule.  This will include when you work on your blog and how often you have things scheduled to publish.  This should also include  your promotion for your posts.


Step 4: Create a Quarterly blog calendar/agenda.  This will include your topics, themes and whatever you need to create each particular blog.  You can do this in partial, but in your schedule give yourself a checkpoint to have certain blogs decided on for sure.  Like a month in advance having them all planned, or a week in advance having them all written.


Step 5: Solidify blog inspirations and relationships.  Blog rolls, subscriptions, follows, including following comments, guest posts, etc.


Step 6: Blog in advance.  Don’t give yourself unrealistic expectations, that on a whim you can create a blog post and publish it right away.


Step 7:  Occasionally shake it up.





3 thoughts on “I Have The Bad Blogger Bug…

  1. Great tips to kick the blogger bug! I know I do much better when I schedule posts ahead of time. I got back from vacation a little over a week ago and am trying to get back into my regular schedule.

    Happy SITS day {though it is Sunday now where I am}.

  2. Great advice!! I have definitely been struggling with keeping up with everything required to run a successful blog. It will never be perfect, but I’m doing better!!

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