Friends In Different Area Codes

Reality Television

Reality Television (Photo credit: badjonni)

Recently, as a single mom… I asked my mom(since I now, but not for long, live with her) if I could go out to lunch with a friend. I took some time figuring out how to word this before I brought it up at all. I’m pretty sure, though I’m almost 30 that I’m not allowed to date.

So I just said lunch with a friend, because why not? I mean what makes lunch into a date anyway? Someone saying it is so? Well that didn’t happen until the end of the “date” anyway, so it was just lunch.

My mom, must have suspected something ahead of that announcement however, because she didn’t approve. She flat out told me “you don’t have friends”.

Well I beg your pardon, old lady…I have friends everywhere. All over this mother-effing globe, okay? Just because your little city of people who never leave it rarely want to hang out with me, doesn’t mean I don’t have friends.

She is perturbed at my comfort with the internet and internet relationships. I’ve met many of my real life best friends from internet beginnings. I work on the internet, which may as well be a pretend job as far my mom is concerned.

The internet for her is a place to look up song lyrics and share poorly worded facebook updates and comments, almost always related to gossip in her small vacuum of a town, or on TV.

Wait a minute… not that there is anything wrong with watching TV or anything, but I don’t watch TV. I don’t know anything about the reality TV shows and the people on them, and I don’t claim to have insight on the lives and character of people on these shows.

What I can say though, is that if my life revolved around other people’s actions, so much so that I have to talk about that with people on facebook and on the phone and watch it on an external media source… I would think that those people were important to me, they would know something about me too, if I know so much about them…they would be considered friends… I don’t give my attention to people’s personal lives, unless they are.  Blogging aside, because well blogging is just a little different, it’s not second-hand gossip.

So how is it, that meeting friends from the internet, is somehow worse than being engaged in the lives of people you will never meet from TV? I would say that I have very real friendships, whereas lots of her relationships are one-sided.

While very stuck in her city, in her state, in her region and in her country. I am talking to people in Spain and Africa and Australia and New Zealand…and they will visit me here, or I will visit them there, or we will just continue to talk over the internet, work on projects, support each other and have reciprocal friendships.  My friendships are not determined by where or how I met someone or the distance between us.

~~Still dreaming of real friendships


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