Did You Have A Childhood Dream?


purposed (Photo credit: frances bell)

Did you have a dream as a child about what you’d do when you grew up?

Something vivid, something emotional, something vague?

I’m not talking about wanting to be a firefighter, or a writer or a ballerina.

I’m talking about what you express your depth, or heal the world, or share your strengths and purpose.

Was it something that made no sense, or seemed too far-fetched?

Was it something you buried or added rational ideas to?

Was it something you need to uncover or subtract from to even remember where it started, to remember what it was at it’s core?

I know that we all have a purpose here, and we all know it upon birth…it is jut that need to make it tangible that drives us to alter our dreams into something more realistic, more rational.

But at the core, our dreams really show us what our purpose is and if we dust it off and open our minds, we will be shown exactly how those childhood dreams are relevant just as they were back then…today.

Could you please, share with me your childhood dreams.  Maybe you don’t have a duster quite yet, maybe you remember a ton of different things, maybe you have only a vague hunch.  Share them…let’s uncover what we knew as children and let’s build a foundation to bring it into being today.

Likewise, if you’ve taken your childhood dreams(the deep star-filled dreams that are equal to a real purpose and a real intuitive spark, rather than a career path, or living in a certain place) please share that, and share the process that enabled you to embrace your dreams, and share what it looks like and feels like to bring your inner child into the now.

In the next blog post I’m going to share with you what my childhood dream was and how I’m bringing it into the now…

~~Keep Dreaming


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