On My Spiritual Journey…


Currently, my dreams are mostly getting away from me.

I’m taking short naps several time a day/night and not really doing a great job of dream journaling.

Due to the fact that I’m not waking up early, I am missing out on my yoga practice at times… I’m just in a habit of doing yoga at a certain time.

What I am doing however…is a lot of chanting.  Rediscovering some of my favorite Kundalini Yogi musicians and shabds is really incredibly helpful for me.   This music is healing me and bringing balance back to my life.

Chanting is so simple and powerful, and anyone can be moved by music.  No matter your body type or the kind of pain your trials you may be facing.  This music gives me the chills and gets me activated.

Another thing that I’m really connecting to is the community aspect.  How healing it is to be in an inspiring community, even briefly.

I’m not capable of going to this particular event this year, but I would so love to…I am certainly planning to attend one of the others in the future.  However, if you can attend I can help you get a discount.   Send me a message, you may even be able to win a free ticket.



4 thoughts on “On My Spiritual Journey…

  1. Dont they say that Bhakti yoga (e.g. Chanting) is one of the quickest ways to attain self realisation and “progress”‘, whatever that means? I remember how stunned I was to find out that at many ashrams in India a good part of the day is dedicated to chanting and meditation rather than the physical asana practice we’ve come to know as “yoga”… So it looks like you’re just speeding up the process 🙂

    • I practice(and sometimes teach) Kundalini yoga. One of my favorite practices are early morning sadhanas, in which about half of the practice is just chanting. Throughout many years of practicing Kyoga, the thing that I’ve never once slacked on was chanting…sometimes it becomes my main practice, like it is now. I used to feel guilty that I didn’t do more kriyas(combo of asana, mudra, meditation, etc.) but after awhile I realized that sometimes mantra was exactly what I needed and it always brings me back to the bodily movements, when I’m ready. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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