The Burning Question: What Do You Suck At?

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I love these burning questions.  They somehow always come at the absolute most appropriate times in my life.  Let me share my suckrocities.

  • I am not good at pleasantries, small-talk or glossing over or ignoring uncomfortable or inconvenient topics.
  • I’m not good at keeping in touch with people over extended periods of time.  Relationships start to feel fake to me when there is “too much” communication…or rather I start to feel fake trying to meet expectations in relationships.
  • I am not good at focusing on one project at a time.
  • I am not good at doing anything fast…I’m a slow and thorough, borderline perfectionist type.
  • I am not good with deadlines, making phone calls, checking in on things/people, putting things in the mail box or filling out forms.
  • I suck at being around people who accuse or get violently or insultingly angry.
  • I suck at confrontation.
  • I suck at getting out of bad situations because I always see the good and feel it’s my responsibility to make more of that good shine through.  In my experience though, some situations are bad and it’s good to know when there’s nothing you can do and to just move on.  I suck at letting go of anything I’ve committed to or set my mind to.
  • I suck at asking for what I need.
  • I suck at being accountable to more than a few different groups or people at a time.

There you have it…those are my suckrocities.

Can you relate?


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