How & Why I’ve Narrowed Down My RV Preferences

English: RV area at Chicot State Park in Evang...

English: RV area at Chicot State Park in Evangeline Parish. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a single mom who is not mechanically minded, I have a lot to consider when looking for appropriate RV’s.  What’s important to me is:

  • Ease in moving
  • Suited for seating many with carseats/seatbelts
  • Easy to fix
  • Easy on gas or better yet capable of bio-diesel conversion…or already converted
  • Floor space
  • Sleeps 3-4 would be my preference
  • Can tow or is easily towed

This means what I’m looking for is:

  • A camper van
  • A B or B+ RV
  • A truck/slide-in camper
  • A small converted bus
  • A full-size van
  • A small cricket-like trailer

This is significantly different than my RV preferences in a relationship.  Also having the experience of already living in one for awhile, and traveling in a car for several months has brought me to the conclusion that although it will be a home…its more a home away from home.  I don’t want to spend all my time in and around my small space.  I want to be mobile and be able to access peaceful, natural areas with plenty of running space.  I want to be able to sleep outside in a tent if I’d like.  I want to be able to make my food outdoors and eat outdoors.  I also want to be able to host people, events and use my RV as a workspace.  This means, for me, simple and smaller is the way to go.  I don’t want to be overwhelmed with the idea of storage and stuff.  I think it will be a great adventure in mobilizing work and play stations for myself and my daughters.





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