Summer Days

English: Summer Days

English: Summer Days (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spirituality is whatever keeps you feeling deeply you…

When I think of summertime I think of taking a spiritual retreat into nature and spending a lot of time in the water; refreshing and renewing.  I haven’t done much of this yet, but I feel I am preparing for it now.  I am trying to create a lifestyle pattern that nourishes my spirituality.

For me, that is right now looking like this:

Early morning: fruit picnics(usually melon), yoga, dance, listening to music and watching inspiring videos.
Morning: Working, playing with kids, cleaning, reading, writing, doing art
Afternoon: Meditation, naps, smoothies, pool-time
Evening: Dinner, baths, tea, story-time, more music/chanting, meditation
Night: work, reading, inspirational videos, art, outside time
Late night: Dreaming


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