Wordless Wednesday: Dreams of Nature

A few years ago I spent about half a year living in nature.   In the mountains, on the beaches, camping out in a tent, and sometimes sleeping directly in the naked air.  I miss extended outdoor living and have to share this beautiful dream. ~~~

How close have you been to the ephemeral sweetness of nature?  Could you live in the wilderness for an extended period?


5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Dreams of Nature

    • Isn’t it beautiful Kathy…it takes me back to childhood daydreams and sleeping dreams alike. It makes me feel so small and as if I’m a fairy viewing a magical homeland. 🙂

    • I remember one of the things I was nervous about was insects, and how surprised I was when I looked back on it that living indoors I had more encounters and annoyances with insects than I did living outdoors. And it’s not like I had a bug-filled house at all…maybe I was just lucky, but even afterwards I never really have issues with bugs in nature.

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