The Truth About The Aniweda Dream…

The truth about the Aniweda Dream is that it was a waking dream I had about the future. I suppose you could say it was prophecy.

I clearly saw a procession of moments related to Hopi creation stories and several other indigenous creation stories and the Mayan 2012 prophecies.

When I wrote the blog 2012 Not An End…I wasn’t just speculating, I was sending a shout out to my honest, deep-down gut feelings about the whole thing…I was sending a shout out to this message that came to me…the message was the Aniweda Dream.

Intuition is kinda like a drug. What I mean is, it enables you to experience altered states of being, it alters your consciousness. Often enough there is a connection between addiction and intuition. People with intuitive insight can be afraid of it, they can feel unsupported and unstable and try to block it out…drown it out, smoke it out…whatever the case be.

When you are high or drunk you enter into a world separate of normal consciousness. Each time you get high or intoxicated you build more into that world. It becomes a familiar space. It becomes a second home. This is also how intuition works…

When you first drink or take drugs, it is usually a disappointment…a let-down. Most have the expectation that it will be something special, but you have to keep drinking or smoking or whatever to enter that world. You don’t get to just knock on the door and arrive.


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