More On Spirit Animals

Awhile back I recommended a book about finding your Spirit animal. I have noticed I continue to get lots of searches on this topic and it occurred to me that it could be tough for others to trust and understand their intuition if its new to them.

You may have several animal guides in your life, but there should be one long-term spirit animal. If you think about all the occurances you’ve had with wild(not domesticated) animals in your life you should begin to form a connection with the roles and impact these experiences have had in your life.

It’s really important to delay judgement and not project a type of quality or animal you want, this will make it difficult to really see what connections are really occurring in your life.  Many times things happen in our lives that we can’t explain or don’t want to believe and so we try to erase it from our minds or give it some rational explanation.  Have you ever been camping and thought you heard something scratching on your tent?  Did you ever think “it’s a bear”?  Or did something similar happen, where you may have been in a situation or been close to a situation where you felt like a wild animal had left its presence for you to notice?  Did you just brush it off?  This could have been a clue to your spirit animal.

Is there a phrase, joke or mantra that speaks to you?  Is there a story you like to tell or a team you’re attracted to with a wild animal as it’s mascot?  The real key to discovering your spirit animal is just opening up the lines of communication.  Listen, be patient, watch your environment, watch your thoughts and memories, watch your emotions and be inquisitive.   Don’t block anything out, but don’t make rash or quick decisions or try to sway any outcomes.  It may take a while to discover it.  Just keep open and receive what you are shown.

Dreams, of course, are a great way to discover your spirit animal, as are meditations.  You may have a dream full of animals, but your spirit animal will let you know if you ask.  One of my favorite things to do before going to sleep is fastening onto the ride that my dreams will show me exactly what I need to know.  If I want to connect to my spirit animal, I express that intention before bed and know that it will be…

~~Keep Dreaming, People

White White-tailed Deer  - fawn - nature - wil...

White White-tailed Deer – fawn – nature – wildlife – animal – autumn (Photo credit: blmiers2)


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