Dear Blogosphere, Give Me Some Bloglovin!

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You may or may not know it but this is my first successful* blog.  Since becoming *successful with this one I branched off and started approximately 6 other blogs that I continue to update.  There are others I’ve started that I didn’t continue to work on.  Each blog means something in particular to me and I don’t intend on letting go of any for awhile. 

I feel that having this many blogs has really helped me to have an outlet for almost* everything I want to share on the interwebz world-wide web.  Which begs the question…what’s the point of social media?  Well the point seems to be that everyone won’t always be plugged into everything you’re posting elsewhere and every chance you have to bling your name in front of their screen should be taken advantage of, only if they’re actually signing up for screen-blingage of course*. 

I’m not that great at social media.  I’m not that great at blogging.  I have a lot to say and I love to write, but I’m not super fond of the fact that if I take a break I have to build up a readership from scratch*.   I’ve tried to schedule my blog posts a week in advance like good bloggers do, but I’m naughty and nice.  I need to be spontaneous from time to time.  I need to write a bit and leave it for awhile and come back to it later. 

You may have witnessed this past week or two that I was trying my best to be on my p’s and q’s.  I actually scheduled my blog posts 2 weeks in advance, on several blogs(not just this one).  Unfortunately, the blogs that were scheduled weren’t actually finished.   I was able to catch some of them up before they were published, but some were published in the hall of shame.  They were blog titles with no content or half-finished* content.  I had a busy week and I’d get online after putting my kids to bed to check if anything published to my embarrassment.

I’m going to try this again.  I’m going to separate my blogs into parts more often if I don’t finish them by a certain date and make sure that anything scheduled at least 3 days in advance is completely ready to go.  Another thing I’m going to do is figure out what happened to the blog post I published last night.  I admit I was tired, but I know I published a blog and now it is nowhere to be found.  I searched the drafts, published and trash on all 6 (or so) of my blogs.  This is the first time I’ve ever had a problem like this…what’s going on wordpress?

I’m also going to ask you to Follow my blog with Bloglovin*.  Why?  Because Bloglovin is really awesome.  If you have a lot going on(like me) if you have several blogs or unjobs or what-have-you.  You might be lost in a flux of emails and unable to keep up with the blogs you love the most(hopefully this one…who am I kidding…).  So you put those blogs in Bloglovin and you can keep up with the blogs you want to keep up with.  You can get a weekly*email to show you the updates or you can just go to the website when you feel like geeking out in the blogosphere and not need to search for “what’s that blog…” (It’s called the Aniweda Dream,

Do you like my stars?  They represent:

*Success as in still alive and regularly updated and holding onto a few supportive readers(

*Becoming meaning feeling validated in continuing with my blogging habits and goals.

*I think I need to regularly post private blogs here or start a tumblr to round out my internet over-shareability.

*Begone pop-ups…you may look a little less snotty than you did in the 9o‘s but you’re still overwhelmingly immature and annoying.

*Or that’s how I feel when I look at my stats and compare them to times past.

*Or less(much, much, less) than half-finished but could be construed as half-finished if you don’t exist in my brain.

*Where the most popular blogs are almost 100% fashion/style related.  Does this depict the real popularity of blogs or just on this site, because if this is the case across the board…I’m just gonna shake my head at the shallow end of humanity.*  ((star within a star::or the segment of humanity that uses the internet enough to follow blogs, ya know.))

*Or daily if you can keep up with your web usage like that, or possibly something in between, I don’t really know, sign up and check it out.

~~Still Dreaming, Of Course


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