Recent Dream Themes & Old Dream Connections

(This post was published prematurely, sorry if you read before the full version was completed.)

Lately my dreams have been very visual and also very atmospheric.  There is the presence of an entity, perhaps a dream teacher, perhaps a fellow dreamer.  I don’t know yet.  It has also been very focused on water, animals, and ships (on which people live and are traveling long distance or perhaps eternally traveling, see what I wrote about this) and neighborhoods that are enclosed.  It feels very much like their own dimensions.  Kinda like fiction stories. 

I have had very vivid dreams of whales that come right up to me and that I touch, and bears that come into my doorway and interact with me.  I’m sure there’ve been other animals too.  Strange to me is the bear presence.  I have never had a dream of a bear that I remember and this happened this week.  Coincidentally I read Snow White and Red Rose to my daughter and couldn’t wait to read about the bear.  I feel that this bear person has quite a message for where I am in my life or the world I am living in.  I will look for more clues on this.

Also things that used to feel like dreams which were very physical, feel more clear now.  The other types of dreams I’ve been having are very inebriating.  One of them is a melting and merging into some spiraling void.  It feels like I am locked into the revolution of the galaxy and all I can feel is the spinning.  This can last for a very, very long time. 

The other dream is usually connected to the internet or some work(karma yoga) that I feel I must do.  It literally feels like I’m enmeshed in the art of yoga.  Like I am that union.  Both of these dream-types are this way.  It reminds me completely of my first Aniweda Dream, which I have yet to find a way to sufficiently weave words around. 

The last dream I had like this was the same night I went into what I call the “Sacred Spiral” dream.  I was within the internet.  I know nothing about programming and coding, but I was within a code of my work on the internet.  What I’m building and what is to come, my ideas, my goals, my passions, my purpose.  I felt as if I was learning what I needed to do, as if I was being encoded with the scripts to carry out my work and not only was I learning this emotionally and mentally, I was also feeling it on my skin, in my bones, in my blood, with my organs, my electro-magnetic field…everything.

I remember doing a meditation before I went to bed.  I don’t really remember the meditation completely.   A friend of mine suggested asking Ancestors what I wanted and I was already in a meditative state when I began to ask for guidance on my true work in the “consensual world”.   Sometimes people ask for what they want and they don’t realize they have to be in a space to ask and truly open to receiving.  You have to be quiet and still, you almost certainly need to be in a meditative state.

I had gotten out of the meditative practice for a bit, but my oldest daughter has helped me to merge back into my stillness.  We do a guided meditation before bed.  I bring her to a beautiful garden(our current theme) and she finds flowers, waterfalls and then fairies, which lead her to her dream.   Inadvertently I end up in this meditation as well.

My daughter has always had the idea that if we touch we can go to a dream together, but if we don’t touch she could go to her dream by herself.  Sleep and dreaming has always been a thing for her, and I suppose, now that I type it, I see why, considering my dreaming journey.  When she turned 4 I felt such a mystical surge to our relationship.  It had always been there.  Being a co-sleeping, exclusively breastfeeding mom for about a year, and an extended milk-giver, the bed was a mystical place.  I felt so intuitively inclined in my relationship with my daughter and in motherhood, and it really gave me the freedom to accept my dreaming inclinations…motherhood that is, breastfeeding in particular.

However at age 4 something happened to me and connecting to my daughter on that level is awe-inspiring. I remember very, very vividly the dreams I had when I was her age, my thoughts, my entire life. I was very internal and she understands me in a way in which sometimes I think my inner child lives in her.

I wish I could explain all the nuances and find my purple journal that I used during that time, because I don’t have the same relationship with my younger daughter, but I am certain my daughter and I really did dream together in her first 2+ years, though I never said it to her.  Anyway, I don’t write or record my dreams nearly as much as I used to.   I don’t remember them as vividly and as long as I used to.  I am still grateful for my dreaming experiences and I feel they are still very powerful practices of spiritual development, they just aren’t as a big a part of my mystical experience these days. 

I think those sleeping dreams have bled into the waking ones and I am awake alot now, weaving them in perhaps?  We’ll see.  I intend on doing some dream experiments shortly and designating a dream journal that exists on paper(right now I use a file on the laptop) and delving back in to my dream stories. I’m also going to write out more about my big dream and the dreams and dream-types that I remember from the past, I hope you’ll come on this dream journey and I’d love to hear about your dreams and dreaming traditions.

–Still Dreaming


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