Mother Earth Native American Festival

I love pow-wows and cultural festivals. If you’re in NY check this out this weekend! I hope to attend next year!

Shotgun Bo Rivers

This weekend Mother Earth drum will present their 8th annual Mother Earth Native American Festival and Powwow, with proceeds to go to local charities. “The last few yrs have just gotten to quiet” stated one patron to the powwow and insists that the community get involved. The Mother Earth Drum is asking local business and charities to help out with any volunteering that they can, as a business owner they are asking for some sponsorship’s in return a free pass for the owner and family for the weekend of festivities.

“Patricia “Waukea” MacLaury spoke with me yesterday saying “We (Mother Earth Drum) want to keep the Native American heritage in our community, and keep our community growing with us. it will be a wonderful weekend of native dancing, demonstrations, storytelling, and flute playing, and fun for all ages.

If you would like to help out in any way…

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