Some Serious Dream Inspiration or How To KEEP Dreaming…

I absolutely have to share this video with you all. It really hit home for me in a few ways. Being different, creating something out of thin air, following your dreams, starting a business…these things can all be very trying. You really have to have a connection to the deep within you to base your progress on.  I have been 10 years with my business plan and I’ve had to get over the need of approval, or looking crazy or seeming reckless and letting go of the idea and picking it back up.

So many outsiders will get in the way to hold you up, stop you and even convince you to backtrack. I have been there, lots of times. Those outsiders may have been my environment, family, friends, media, anything I let in that had no business getting inside my space…my dreamspace. I’ve been pretty consistently saying ‘no’ to outsiders, but I need constant reminders and inspiration to keep being me and doing what I feel so deeply defines my path. This video is a great source of inspiration as Marie Forleo is every Tuesday(that I have internet) for me.

Enjoy and post below if you can relate, and if you have any other tips or inspirations on keeping focused and living the dream!


What Chu Say?

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