On The Business Tip…My Crazy, Urgent Idea…

Dear dreamers,

It has been a really, really busy week. I finally seem to have gotten organized and consistent with my work, getting tons of stuff done by giving myself a realistic schedule, set of tasks and taking significant breaks due to Pomodoro, thanks to http://wyattmcbain.wordpress.com/.

I also received the Healthy Child, Healthy World Kit and I have someone coming on to help me with my many, many projects.

Best of all, I discovered Marie Forleo and have been studying her work for a couple weeks. She has an online business course starting this Friday and I came up with the crazy idea of trying to raise the money to attend it. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to go. One reason is that I want to stretch my wings and challenge myself, another reason is that I want to get the word out there about what I’m doing and plan to do, also, I really, really, really want to attend this course and get my business jump-started.

This is a really huge step for me asking for donations like this, but I am growing from it for sure, I feel very different than I did 24 hours ago. I had a really rough night too. I think that is possibly what gave me to initiative to actually go after this crazy goal of raising that much money in a few days. I spent my night on http://www.theicarusproject.net after feeling such a surge of sadness for someone I care about and for how I isolated I feel myself…and instead of hiding away and giving up on everything, only to come back to it months later, I rested and woke up fully charged and reaching out.

I also have a few business related books I’ll be reviewing soon and many other projects I’ll let you in on…but if you could lend me your ears and your fingers, and whatever else you have to offer, please check out my website and my campaign…the website might have a different address tomorrow, since I’m trying to upgrade it but it’ll be easy to search: http://fruitaliniyogicare.webs.com/inthenow.htm


What Chu Say?

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