Three Days Of Darkness, A Mayan Story As Told by Ms. Juana Cowo

Recently by interesting syncronicities I found this great blog. I’ve been redefining my goals for the Aniweda Dream and I think this post a great introduction to what is to come on my blog…I hope you read and enjoy this reblog!

The Beauty Way

“My Granny was scolding we children when we was very young… she told us we knew nothing of the challenge of the darkness. She said when she was very young, she and all the people woke up to no sun. She said she was so frightened for it was very dark without the sun and also too cold. She told me and my brothers and my sisters and my cousins that we take too much for granted, that we take for granted the sunshine and the moonshine, but that we would never do this again when we had lived through the three days of darkness.

Granny said that the elders knew right away what to do in this time of no sun and no light. That this time had always been prophesied by the elders and had happened many, many times before. The wise people always prepared for this darkness…

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