National Bike Month & Pt. 1 of My Nomadic Dreams…

I can’t believe this month is almost over. If you’ve been reading for awhile, you might remember me sharing my dream of biking long distances with kids in tow. I had the idea of biking across California, then maybe the U.S., then maybe the Americas as a whole…or just from CA to S. America…after all this isn’t a dream that only I’ve had, I’ve been reading about many families making similar dreams come true, for years.

Not only have I wanted to bike long distances, I’ve wanted to bike as a means of transportation…or one means. I love walking to be honest. I was happy(in a way) when my car crashed. It worked in California.

In Georgia, it doesn’t work so well..

Oh yeah, I have had this amazing LUCK of having every bike I’ve had in my adulthood stolen… it sure makes for a great story… I’d like to make a new story though.

Ever since I spent my days with my little family at the parks of Sacramento I have coveted the cargo bike!

I (literally) dream of one of these beauties changing my lifestyle, and inspiring other parents to take to two-wheels with their kids(or tons of fruit for my frugis out there). I know I was inspired by a brave, beautiful mama in a park over a year ago…

I want, I want, I dream…

Can anyone help me make this dream come true? I will sponsor the shit out of one of these puppies!

I’d love to start a bike revolution in this town, and wherever else my travels take me…

Why I love bikes:

  • Free work-out, I think it’s one of the best ways to get strong legs and um there’s nothing more empowering to me.
  • Freedom, public transportation can be awesome, in some places, but it sure does put a cramp on freedom if you have to use it all the time.
  • Eco-friendly, I love this planet, I love being able to get around without taking forever(by foot) and without using gas.
  • Poverty-friendly.  In some places resource centers for the poor and homeless provide their clients with bikes.  Bikes can be fixed and repaired and re-built moderately easy, from what I’ve read.   People without homes can keep their things in/on their bikes, if you don’t like the way it looks…don’t look.  Try to live without shelter for a month and then (maybe) complain

Here’s some eye-candy:

Yeah, I really had to stop myself from finding more photos.  There are so many different types and don’t get my started on RV’s…that’s another dream(story) altogether.  You could check out my pinterest if you can’t get enough…I had to stop myself there too!

For more information on Bike month click on the link at hand

Also check out this great organization



2 thoughts on “National Bike Month & Pt. 1 of My Nomadic Dreams…

  1. Wow… I totally understand what you’re talking about regarding bikes in the Sacramento region in NorCal (SoCal is often road-bike hostile, from what I and others experienced). I came from across the Causeway, growing up in the very bike friendly UCD area. It was especially friendly when I was a kid; there often seemed like one had a harder time finding bike parking than car parking. It changed in the 90s, though the campus was still covered in bikes. In the 90s, I spent time on the American River Bike Trail, doing the Folsom Dam-to-Downtown run a couple of times.

    Back in a bike-friendly area–well, for mountain bikers. It’s nice, though the summer heat is oppressive. Cars are still SoCal dangerous on thoroughfares, here, and bike paths are hard to come by. However, I can get around to grocery and library and even a strip mall with a movie theater by road bike safely, so that’s a plus.

    Great blog, and here’s one more for your collection of absolutely awesome pedal-powered creations–a bicycle school bus from the Netherlands:

    • Wow…thanks for that link, there’s something about the Netherlands, huh? Your experience is very interesting. Especially that you spent so much time in the Sac area! I never really thought about the bike-factor in So-Cal, but looking back now, I totally understand. I kinda judge cities/areas on how bike-friendly they are, among other things, so it explains why I don’t feel so comfy with SoCal…though I like to visit. There’s a part of me that wants just to go to libraries and the market and there’s another part that would someday like to really travel by bike. I lived very close to the American River trail and I had access to everything I wanted and needed I definitely miss that.

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