Need A Change of Scenery?

If you need a change of scenery I think the best place to start is in your mind…go somewhere else with your mind…

Do you ever get into a funk? Experience a few too many days that blur into the next…that feel too much like something is missing? I mentioned some blogs ago that I was reading Eric Maisel books. One of the main ideas he emphasized was the need to have meaning in life. To make meaning.

It really inspired me and yet when things changed in my life I feel a need to find renewed inspiration, courage and confidence in my need to make-meaning in my life. It comes to me through living and loving my purpose in life.

I’ve found that almost any behavior or attitude is a matter of habit.  When we challenge ourselves and allow ourselves to experience changes and learn new ways to be miraculous things can happen…we just have to make an effort and stick to it.  Keeping confident is imperative.  I feel so empowered when I can look back on the things I’ve changed about myself and share and inspire others with my story.  In the same way I can look at things I want to change and find stories of people who have changed in the way I want to.

I think I use this blog for that purpose as well as spending copious hours on youtube and webforums searching for the kick in the ass I sometimes need to feel the force. Here’s a new video I watched that really inspired me:



2 thoughts on “Need A Change of Scenery?

  1. Wow. that was really cool. I liked what he had to say and I like the idea of taking time each day to allow the information to come through.
    I don’t think this is your mindful mama post… I’ll be back later for that.

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