Blogger Attention-Deficit-Disorder


I believe I have this unfortunate illness of the mind. I seem to have it B.A.A.D.


Symptoms are the urge to constantly redefine the guidelines of your blog(s), a dashboard full of half-complete drafts, fully complete drafts and drafts that include nothing but a title and an idea of awesome…


If unchecked this disease could lead to full on blogger-dementia or Blogzheimer’s. If you recognize these thoughts in yourself or if you’ve heard the under-the-breath mumblings of the blogger in your life, please seek help:


  • What happened to that blog I wrote last week?


  • I don’t remember if I blogged last week or not…


  • Someone searched ______, I don’t know what that is, but I need to write a blog about it.


  • When should I post all these drafts, I can’t post them all in one day can I?


  • I just wrote an awesome blog and posted it right away, but I feel guilty for all the blogs I have on the back-burner.


  • Should I capitalize on my bravery and post whenever I’m feeling inclined to do so?


  • After working on it for half a year I still don’t think this blog post is perfect yet, I should make sure no one else on the internet has ever posted this blog before.


  • What is this blog about anyway?


  • I thought this blog would be about _____ but I don’t seem to have any posts about that topic.


  • This blog is a perfect mix of all the things that are important to me, but I don’t have anything else to write that fits my current interests.


  • Why do I include questions at the end of my blog if no one ever answers?


  • What kinds of questions should I ask to get my readers to comment?


  • Should I write directly to my followers?


  • What? I only have 1 view today? What can I do to get a few more?


  • Oh no! I have so many views today, what can I do to get them to come back?


If you recognize any of these signs please step away from your blog for a day.  Don’t check your stats.  Realize and acknowledge that you have it B.A.D.D.  The first step is awareness.  I will return tomorrow(if my bravery allows it) with the treatment options for this strange malady.


P.S. Thanks to Kathy for helping me to realize my blogger status.



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