Addiction Is A Disease

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I think it is super important for people to spread awareness about this fact. Apparently it is a little known fact, especially by people with the disease. I happened upon a few of the interviews with Whitney Houston that were replayed on the telly yesterday and I was very upset by the comments she made about herself being her biggest devil.

I hope that someone around her, reporters or whoever gave her the correct information. I am now on a mission to spread the word about this. I hear so many people with addictions saying the same thing… talking of their demons and devils and darkness and evil… they blame themselves for their inability to cure a disease. Most people don’t expect to cure diseases by themselves and in serious conditions getting help is absolutely necessary.

If you know anyone with an addiction or anyone who is close to an addicted person please give them the information they need to at least accept that the addiction is a disease.  Yes, this disease is extremely prevalent in our society, as are many others, but the commonality of it, doesn’t excuse the blame and ridicule that typically go along with it.  People with serious diseases should not be expected or encouraged and definitely not manipulated into working in extremely stressful positions.  It is time we look at our culture and stop enabling deterioration by focusing on surface-level vain attempts of status and look at the whole picture.

I’ll be back shortly with a more detailed blog about this topic that I started over 6 months ago.  I know that practically everyone in the modern world has some experience with addiction, what’s yours?


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