Dreaming of Home

I want to share this blog from my friend Aimee. She writes a great blog every Sunday and her posts seem to magically be relevant to my life, almost always. Click on the link above to read the whole blog post. I have lived away from the city, in the wilderness and in a few capital cities in the U.S. I’ve also lived in a few of the most populated places in the country. I’m happy to have had all the experiences I’ve had and to have a great idea about what I really want my home to be…but I totally agree with Aimee that acquiring the home of my dreams starts inside me…what are your dreams of home?
–I hope you’re still dreaming authentically

Sunday Is For Lovers by AimeeLovesYou

This week I took a little trip & stayed in a vacation home near the beach. It was a minimally furnished beautiful apartment with no telephone, no internet, no television, no doorbell. I loved it there. At first I was a little worried about giving up my internet connection (read: addiction) for 10 days, but you know what? — it was great. I was totally at peace.

More & more I get this feeling that I should try something I never have before & that is; living outside of the city. I’ve lived on opposite coasts of the United States my whole life: the Bay Area & New York City. I’ve never lived off of the beaten path (except in my lifestyle & work), never lived outside of town, or near an old grove forest — actually, I’ve never lived more than two short blocks from a major post office…

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