Fruit Parties…Oh My!

Fruit Breakfast

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I can’t believe I went to my first official fruit party this past Sunday and met with local 30badders for the first time!  

I brought persimmons to the party and I wore my heelys with the wheels on because I couldn’t find any other shoes in time…I really sucked at wearing those things and couldn’t wait to get my shoes off.  I tried durian for the first time and I played with a cute little baby while I was missing my two little ones.

For the most part I really liked the get-together but there were two things that bothered me.  One thing was that one of the guests was an information-addict, as I like to call it.  I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I try to avoid it as much as possible.  I spent much of the past 7 years learning, studying and working in the alternative health field and you can’t help but meet tons of people who spend all their time talking about health, especially in a fear-based way.  When you are new to this and even when you’ve been doing it for awhile, its amazing how much information is withheld, how information is presented to the general public, and how much people don’t think about or care to know about the things they do on a daily basis…like eating.


However, what I’ve learned is that everything is relative in the health world… and there’s a much better approach to it than preaching what you know or what you think you know.  All I can do is be grateful that I am no longer the preacher.  The other thing that bothered me is that there was a woman there who was wanting to wean her 10 month old.  As a breastfeeding counselor this is my territory, but I didn’t want to be a preacher or pry too much, and this was a party.  I saw her trying not to feed him though he tried to nurse many, many times.  I totally understand, but I wish I could’ve connected with her more and offered her support to nurse her son, but there was that one information addict in the room that wouldn’t stop talking! (j/k)


For one thing I remember the discomfort I had with my first daughter about nursing in public, but I quickly infused myself with self-confidence and advocated for myself…in very uncomfortable circumstances I would have gone to the bathroom.  I felt a little discomfort in the babies energy and it was difficult for me to ignore it.  I have this special thing with kids… I can always feel their energy and sometimes it makes me want to back away from them in circumstances where it can cause problems.  You can’t just go around telling parents how their kids feel… I got into a fair share of chaos due to talking too much many, many years ago.


Coincidentally, the fruit parties in my house have been super exciting lately. Its kinda a tradition I started last year with my 10 y.o. sister-in-law and my 4-year-old daughter and I eating fruit before bed and just being super silly with it… making the peels into playthings, making silly faces.  Especially oranges and their peels make the perfect toys… who needs plastic when you can play with organic matter?


My sister-in-law lives in San Diego and we haven’t seen her since her birthday in August, but I miss those little parties so much… well, now I have two fruit eaters of my own, my 4-year-old ate nothing but fruit today, she’s an inspiration to me. My 1 y.o. is also a serious fruit-eating monster. She’s been eating so much fruit lately, I’ve actually had a hard time getting enough myself. I’ve been adopting the habit of trying to load up while she’s asleep because she’s super-demanding of my attention or assistance when she’s fruiting it up.


It’s funny too, because I remember what it was like when my 4-year-old was this age. At that time I was a high-fat-raw-vegan running a cooked vegan restaurant and implementing a raw menu there. I was under the impression that anytime we ate fruit it needed to be accompanied with something really fat. Luckily for my daughter though, I fed her pretty simply. I really didn’t feed her anything besides avocado, cucumber and mango(and of course mama’s milk). Her dad liked to feed her goji berries and blue-green algae. They were actually staples for us at the time.


English: Formerly frozen goji berries

Image via Wikipedia

At this age though, kids will get into whatever is around. I remember one day finding her chewing something she picked up off the floor and it was raw garlic! We ate a lot of raw garlic at that time, thinking we needed to cleanse constantly and my husband actually chose garlic over his job as a yoga teacher because a student complained about the scent of garlic on him and the director asked him to either stop consuming garlic or stop teaching there. At the time it felt like the strangest irony to us. We thought garlic was a superfood and it kept us healthy…how could we live without garlic? lol.


മലയാളം: Garlic

Image via Wikipedia

We cooked with it at the restaurant too…but the funniest thing about it is how new eaters are with food. Its just an experiment for them. When we drank our raw garlic juices we would cringe, squish our faces, smack our lips, basically we’d freak out. It was like drinking a shot of strong vodka… or worse. But our little 1-year-old yogi princess nonchalantly chewed and contemplated the point of the garlic in her mouth…then she spit it out, but she would turn her head or run away from me if I tried to get it out for her…I loved witnessing things like that.


With our 1-year-old Sol-star, there is no garlic to be had. Recently she wants me to feed her persimmon… I can’t believe how amazing she is of always giving me the seeds in her food or just leaving the seed or pit behind and the skin… my 4-year-old still has issues with this. Tonight we were eating persimmons and I gave her a piece that was a little firm without knowing it. She held it in her mouth for a while then spit it out. I thought she just dropped it so I tried to give it back to her. She wouldn’t have it. She turned her head, shook ‘no’ at me and finally I tricked her and threw it into her mouth(bad mommy)…she simply spit it out.

I thought maybe she was full, except that she did the sign for ‘mas’ and made her little ‘asking nicely’ noises that she mimics from her sister. I scooped out another spoonful for her and unknowingly offered her another firm piece. She tasted it and spit it out. I decided to eat it and realized what the problem was.


The next spoonful I tried to give her was slurped down so fast I couldn’t believe it. She obviously knows exactly what she wants!

English: Fruit stall in a market in Barcelona,...

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Currently my 4-year-old is loving grapefruit, oranges, tangerines and persimmons. She constantly asks for bananas but our bananas are not ripe at the moment. She also loves cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, spinach, carrots, celery. Surprisingly she’s taking a hiatus from dates and never wants them when offered, but she’ll slurp down datorade. I think its because I moved them out of her reach. Its usually the kind of food she likes to just eat by herself on a whim.


When I went to the official fruit party Papa bear gave both girls bread and crackers and gave our little yogi princess bean sandwiches. She kinda got a little addicted to them and ate several sandwiches alongside her fruit the next day, then decided she didn’t want to eat them anymore because they “make stinky farts come”, lol.


My 1-year-old loves persimmons, plums, avocados, cucumbers and bananas. She also loves to stuff my face with oranges. I’ll have to remember to eat oranges more often so she can feed me instead of me always feeding her because when I feed her she doesn’t want to share! The only things I really have to feed her are persimmons and avos though, she can handle the rest herself.


As for me, I’m loving datorades, persimmons and if our bananas were ripe I’d be eating those too. I didn’t get very many oranges at the market this past weekend, but I will change that this weekend because the ripe ones are stupendous! (can’t believe I just used that word) I’ve also been craving salads and I have everything to make them with but I’ve just been eating plain lettuce.

I’ve also been eating sandwiches because I’ve been trying to make quick meals that pack in the calories while my Sol-star is asleep. I think it is also because I feel under pressure to rush and I haven’t planned out my meals, but I’m much more prepared for tomorrow…so I should be sandwich free and chopping up lots of fruits, veggies and spiralizing and blending for a better day…

Fruit art in the shape of a monkey

Image via Wikipedia

More fruit parties to come, official and unofficial. 🙂

–Still Dreaming




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