Life As We Know It

Last month both of my cookers broke, I ran out of gas, (not in my car, in my home), my computer speakers broke(Mercury In Retrograde), there were also lots of arguments, discomfort, despair even.

So far this month(meaning in the last 4 days)… we sold our old motorhome at a $700 loss, I hope it really serves the person who’s getting it well.  Its nice to not have to worry about it anymore(now I just need to get rid of like 50 more things and get my car fixed).

I’ve caught my youngest daughter elimination waste multiple times.  She turned her bumbo seat into a potty…fine by me.  She decided to get in it one day to pee and it has been her potty since, it totally works, so why not?

My husband changed my 1 year old for the first time in her life!  (Things are improving people…if you know me irl or in semi-real life, you know what I mean)

I went to a Scandalous Fruit Party last night, by myself, with no kids(Papabear babysat for 4 hours)… I’ve never really went out without having either of my kids!

And yeah… I went to my first fruit party, met a few cool 30bananas a day peeps and I tried durian for the first time.  The last chance I had to try it I was still recovering from fruit-phobia and I was a bit of a purity evangelist.  The scent on that stuff…just wow!

I found all my favorite books when I finally cleared out the last of the stuff in my motorhome… and most importantly my writing binder!  The one that helped me organize my poems, stories, submissions and acceptances.  Its like I’ve been trying to be a writer without literacy for months now, almost a year.  No wonder I have yet to submit any poetry this year… I can’t believe it, I will have to remedy that in the last few weeks of 2011, now that I have my brain back (notebooks are like pieces of your brain, written down and organized together, right, or am I just exhausted?)

And… persimmons…how I love persimmons.

I’ve been eating them on the unripe side lately(the fuyus) and they are still beyond fantastic!  Last night I actually found a bunch of semi-ripe persimmons, much more ripe than I’ve eaten in weeks.

Life is good,  just because I ate soft persimmons for dinner, but there’s so much more than that of course.

The weather has been nice here in Sacramento and my husband covered our roof with that liquid rubber stuff, so if it starts raining tomorrow, at least we shouldn’t have a double kitchen waterfall.

It’s been a busy day, a long day, I didn’t have to put my kids to bed for once in…forever.  I’m going to read my intuition book, do a meditation and pass out.

–Still Dreaming


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