A Business Update

I just wanted to let you all know what I’m up to right now.

Like I predicted, I’m definitely going to keep focusing on my other two blogs for the month of December, but I’ll be here too.

I also predicted that stepping back would help me define my approach on this blog and that has also happened.

I realize I really want to talk about starting a business on this blog.

I had a business plan I wanted to implement upon graduating from high school and next year will be 10 years since I graduated high school.

I’m sure I’ll later get to the why on the long journey it has been to actually do this, but I want to just let you know now the tools that are really helping me get to where I need to be to get this done before my 28th birthday.

http://www.Wickedstart.com is a great site that automates the steps of starting a business and keeps you on track.

http://www.stevepavlina.com has been a great site of inspiration for a few years and is like ‘personal development for smart people’, but includes a lot on self-employment and business in general.

http://www.dowhatyoulove.com  has really helped me clarify things to the point of tackling concrete milestones on the path to my ultimate business goals.

I’m also reading Conscious Business from http://www.kundaliniresearchinstitute.com

I don’t think I could possibly ever list all my influences in starting this venture… I have taken everything that really inspired me, that I really vibed with, that felt natural to me, that I’ve felt I could add to, or do ‘better’ than I’ve seen, and I can easily look back on my entire life, even at the age of 3 to see influences and moments of clarity that I’ve stored up and added to this grand scheme of mine.

Finally, I’m making it happen.  Finally I have the confidence, the ‘know how’, the commitment, the certainty that this is happening.   I have tried, a few times before, and if feels like I’ve gone around this idea in a circle.  It feels like I was skating around the rink, unable to move towards the center, but I’m finally there.

Essentially, I think I paid my dues.  I was always uncomfortable with the idea of doing something I may not have been 100% sure of, 100% ready for, 100% qualified to do… I don’t have any of those doubts anymore.  I don’t feel like I need to prove myself to anyone anymore, I don’t feel like I’m lacking any necessary quality to succeed.

I’ve had teachers, mentors, I’ve studied family and friends… I finally learned how to ask for help…I finally learned how to see my skills, talents, attributes and feel balanced in using them… I finally learned to create my own sense of value, my own sense of security, service, my comfort with compensation for work.  These were all issues I had on this path…philosophical and circumstantial issues that got in my way.  I’m happy to have balance and to fully embrace this new phase of my life and work.

Next chance I get I’ll write a post reflecting on my past work experience, ideas, attempts and how what I’m doing now came to fruition and how its working for me.  Hopefully in the next week.

Can you relate to this work-life awakening I’m having?  Does your work suit you?  Are you planning and scheming for work you’re passionate about?  I’d love to hear about it!


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