Deciding What To Do & Where To Go

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As you all may or may not know, the immediate plans for my family are to take this show on the road, so to speak.  We love the idea of living in an RV, but we haven’t quite made it the dream we were planning on.  We thought we’d get settled somewhere close and “normal” for awhile, but these convenient little transitions always last longer than I prefer.

I’m not super interested in driving around all the time, trying to get to as many places as possible. I’m pretty interested however, in being mobile, moving and staying in places that I really vibe with. In order to find places to vibe with, I’m looking for a few different criteria…

  • Good weather (not both cold and rainy at the same time…yuck)
  • Access to good produce
  • Beautiful natural surroundings(enough of it to allow my youngest daughter to use the outdoors to learn to potty and my oldest daughter to have lots of space to run around safely without fear of disturbing people or getting too close to moving cars, etc.)
  • The ability to connect with the local(ized) community
  • The ability to get good internet access
  • Free, cheap or service-exchange(preferably) for rent costs

I have actually found lots of places that meet this criteria. I now need to decide when and where to go and what to do while we’re there.

One of the places I’m considering is very close to where we live now, but its a large farm. We would be able to live rent-free, for minimal work-exchange.  We’d have a lot of personal space and we’re encouraged to grow our own garden!  It is a pretty small town though and not very close to any decent-sized town… about 30 and 45 miles away from the town larger cities.  I don’t really see this as a problem, as long as we have a car, and/or a truck to tow our trailer with.

I really want to do this in January.  I have a lot of goals for the new year, and one of them is to not pay rent(that I consider too high) for a place that has too little value(here).

(By the way, this is not our RV, Zemanta provided the images and I allowed my 4 year old to pick the one she liked the most, I tried to persuade her to pick something more like ours but this is what she picked!)


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