My Heelys Experiment. Wanna Watch Me Fail At Something Ridiculously Easy???

A pair of used Heelys.

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For a business2 blogger campaign I got a pair of Heelys skate shoes. I went all out of my way to find my video camera and charge the batteries and find mija #1’s skates and go outside to try to record the action.

These are the hilariously silly results.  First you get the shoes out of the box and turn them over… attached is a metal doo-hicky and you lodge that into the heel plugs where the wheels will go.

This would be even more hilarious if there was sound.  When you get the heel plugs out you get the wheel package, use scissors to pull them out and put them into the slots, then you have to press down to make sure they stick… actually you have to punch them in.

After this we actually went for a walk(skate) around the block and eventually I got the hang of it, sort of.

Sorry this video sucks, but the point is that I did attempt to use these skate shoes, and it was pretty fun. They are cool looking shoes, though it takes some skill to use them. My husband actually picked them up and asked “why aren’t these in my size?”. I think a lot of people could have a lot of fun and get some fitness with these shoes.

And they are incognito too so they could be walked in or skated in.

I actually think skating is a pretty awesome activity for all ages.  I remember distinctly learning to skate at age 4, having birthday parties at skating rinks, all-nighters when I was a high schooler and taking my roller blades along the boardwalks for beach vacations.  As physical activities go, I really think they should be mult-functional and fun.  Skating is one of those activities and Heely’s makes it easy because you don’t have to lug around heavy skates to change into and out of.  Apparently, these would make a good gift for a dad or two(there’s gotta be at least one other like my DH!).  I noticed that I used my whole body trying to skate in these things and my daughter was more excited to see me in them than I was to get in them…and I was pretty excited, its nice to renew some childhood past times…(yes the neighbors got in on my “ooh” and “woahing” as well).

I wonder if these would be easier if there were toe wheels too, but if you find yourself on a skating-unfriendly surface you can just walk.  I think these might make some of my walks with the kids a lot faster…so long as they don’t have to walk.  I’m really happy to have these Heelys as a new member of my shoe family.

By the way if you buy Heelys between Nov 25-Nov 28, you’ll get the second pair for $25.

Would  you get around in Heelys?

Here’s what some other moms thought about Heelys:

(I was given a free pair of Heelys to review for this post)


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