According To Schedules

I don’t feel like life needs to go according to schedules, but I find schedules to be very helpful.

I found a schedule I wrote in June, and I created a weekly schedule of events for my kids and a weekly meal plan.

For my meal plan I wrote down all the food I bought recently at the market and then almost everything else I had.  Then I wrote down 7 other items I wanted to buy during the week.  I bought most of those things yesterday.  I’m planning to go back to the store on Friday only.  Then, I wrote a list of all the different things I wanted to make during the week.  I included sauces, salsas, sides and salads, separately.  It ended up as 22 items.  I numbered them and created a Monday-Saturday grid.  Then I placed the numbers in 3 columns(breakfast, lunch, dinner)  I didn’t plan breakfast or dinner for Saturday, ’cause that’s my market day and I’ll just improvise. This is by far the best and most efficient meal plan I’ve ever made.

For my kids I did the same thing.  My youngest was really easy because there’s only a few activities I felt the need to schedule with her.  Yoga/sensory, Sign language, Spanish/songs, and Elimination Communication.  Everything else happens by default or so naturally its hardly worth writing about.

For my oldest I wrote out 19 categories of activities I wanted her to do throughout the week.  At first it was a little tough because I was getting too exact with my categories, for instance, painting was changed to art.  Then with all the categories, I listed specific activities to choose from.  With crafts, I wrote down the crafts I wanted to do this week and some ideas for next week.  Then I numbered the categories and wrote the numbers out in a grid Monday-Sunday and 5 rows for 5 different sections of the day.  We’re unschooling, so I consider almost everything we do to have some learning value in it.   I also analyzed our day and wrote out 8 specific sections of the day…there are probably a few more I didn’t write out like time to just rest.

I wrote out:

  • Wake-up, yoga
  • Eat, school (this includes workbooks, handwriting sheets, flash cards and things of that nature)
  • Free play
  • Functional play/guided play
  • Stories & school
  • Yoga/meditation
  • Music/tea/bed

I need to write a more detailed schedule for myself, but this is what I wrote in June:

  • Organize
  • Errands/tasks
  • Exercise-dance
  • Sunshine/play/walk-2 hrs.
  • Yoga
  • Write-journal, schedule 15min.
  • Work- 1 hr. alone, 15 min. tasks & 1-2 hrs. intermittent
  • Clean 15 min. (kids on couch)
  • Art/music 15 min. (kids included)
  • Marriage night-time and at least bi-weekly alone

The point of putting together a schedule for the kids is so that both parents will know what they need to experience.  It is not important that things are really done exactly the way it is written.  My  next task is to find a way to connect the different schedules.  We’ll see how this all plays out.


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