Reblog: Decolonization and ‘Occupy Wall Street’

World map depicting America

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Personally I never imagined it possible to attempt changing the way this land is used…its system, its society, without referring to its indigenous occupants.

I think it is in large part conditioning that American society, rather the 99% or 1% uses its privilege to imagine itself victimized and special in its pursuits. To be ignorant of the implications it makes when making general statements about a large-scale movement, and inconsideration for who their movement has not addressed.

However, I think it is really a community cry for guidance. I think the 99% can and is willing to learn a lot from indigenous culture and the other cultures they have omitted in their request for change.

I was ecstatic when I saw the letters from Native American activists and nations addressing the 99% movement and I am ready to see what comes of this. The only logical way of really making change in this country is to look back on the initial changes in what was Indian country and right them.

May the 99% defy the conditioning the 1% used to ‘educate’ them with and learn to decolonize themselves, their minds and spread the spirit of liberation into the surrounding environments. With responsibility, humility, courageousness and community something fair and sustainable for all will emerge.


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