How My Meal Plans Have Been Working For Me

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So, I did a great job on my fruit for breakfast week. That was super easy. The next week, I intended to go gluten-free and eat a 500+ cal breakfast. Unfortunately I forgot that was my next step. What I did instead was okay though, I added a fruit snack after my fruit breakfast and it usually equaled to at least 1000 calories.

I did good at being gluten-free until the last few days of the week, when money got low(there’s actually a funny story to it, involving me putting money away and forgetting where I put it).

No worries, its persimmon season and I’m back on it again. I’m starting over with plenty of hydration first thing in the morning, a 1000-or-so-cal fruity breakfast, and after I use this Trader Joe’s pizza crust in my fridge, I’ll go gluten-free again.

This morning/last night I had a distracting headache while I would’ve otherwise been sleeping. It was good because it allowed me to think about a lot of things that I really needed to think about and I spent a lot of my energy focusing on my breathing, sensations in my brain and my 7th chakra…basically meditating. It proved to be a really intricate sleeping pattern I found myself wound up in and it really transformed my life overnight.

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I ate 4 persimmons last night/this morning and drank a ton of water. My husband did the dishes, and I made a gigantic date-orade. I also have redefined a lot of ideas and goals for my life and I’m eager to write it all out and start implementing it today, that will be my task while I’m at the laundromat.

I’m also recommitting myself to an exercise routine. I’m going to teach my daughter dance and go for runs, as well as obviously doing yoga and maybe I’ll make a dance routine every two weeks for myself. I should probably attempt to run a health/fitness coaching program again as well, first things first though.

By the way, I just want everyone to know that I am so much more pleasant when I’m rolling in persimmon season, so please come back and see how sweet life gets as I devour as many persimmons as physically possible!

(There will be a persimmon appreciation blog post up soon!)

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