A Model of Modern Sustainability

A vintage German model

Image via Wikipedia

In my Aniweda Dream washing machines look like this:

In my cute little RV, I’m without a washing machine.  For a cloth diapering mama this is very inconvenient.  I’m very particular about how I wash my diapers and clothes in general.  I use natural laundry soap and the coin laundry machines here are used by people who overuse their toxic laundry detergents and they are never rinsed.  I hand wash my diapers, usually, but I recently heard from another homeschooling mama in Mexico about bicilavadoras.  I can’t say how interested I am in this.  I love eco-friendly, innovative, multi-purpose products.

Pocket cloth diaper (insert goes in back) with...

Image via Wikipedia

What better to wash clothes than to also get some exercise and even get the kids in on it… I see a bicilavadora in my future…but right now, I might have to settle for a Wonder Wash!   My diapers deserve better and my daughter deserves my pocket change.  Instead of paying a laundry machine that does a less-than-mediocre job on my diapers, I can pay my daughter in pennies, nickels and dimes to help me gather and wash her little sisters cloth diapers and hang them out to dry.  If its raining, maybe I’ll pay for  the laundromat dryer.


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