Vegan Pozole’ Soup

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So I decided these last few days of October are soup days!  I had the idea of making Pozole‘ a few weeks ago, but I hadn’t quite looked for a recipe, just that there were vegan recipes out there somewhere.

I went in the store Wednesday with the idea of getting as much as I could to last several days…I really don’t like grocery shopping.  So I ran into a can of hominy with a Pozole recipe on the back and I just decided to wing it.  I grabbed the enchilada sauce and just decided not to worry about the rest…

Today, everyone in my family was sniffling, snotty or worse.  I don’t think I’ve ever started dinner so early.  I think it was 3:30pm when I started cooking and we ate around 6:45pm.  My daughters actually didn’t eat any Pozole.  The oldest ate rice and they both ate a little of a kiwi/apple salad I chopped up.  It was the first night since Wednesday that we didn’t have jicama.  I really wanted to chop up jicama into the pozole, but I was also handwashing cloth diapers and doing several other things at the same time.  Maybe next time.

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In this Pozole I used a whole can of hominy.  I poured it into the rice cooker(cause we couldn’t find a lighter to light our stove), chopped in some fresh(free) yellow bell peppers and let it go for a little while with water.  A half hour(or so) later I added in the enchilada sauce, I let it go for another half-hour-ish.  Then I chopped up red onions, cabbage and put the juice of 3 limes into the soup.  I let that simmer until it started running over…well that happened when I decided to chop in some zucchini squash and green onions.

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Voila, easy and pleasing.  We(the adults in the family) ate the soup with rice and tortilla chips.  I just had my 3rd or 4th or…(really not counting) last bowl after warming up the soup after putting the girls to bed and it was better this time…with no tortilla chips.  I think I’m stuffed and ready for bed now.  It’s been a tiring week and I need to get back on my no gluten thing again.  Which I did very well until either Tuesday or Wednesday(probably both).

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Oh yeah, we got a lot of free produce this week and a lot of dates…you will see a very excited me soon!


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