How I’ve Worked This Past Week and 1/2

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Like I said earlier, I have actually journaled a lot of my weekly happenings with pen and paper, but I’ve also had a hard time keeping up with said pen and paper, so I’m working from memory here.

This week, I worked on some business2blogger campaigns, as well as some orders.  I also worked on a poetry submission that I still haven’t finished for literary ezines.  I launched my Yoga/Life Coaching related website and I’ve been mentored on starting a business with my aunt.

Like I’ve said elsewhere I want to have a business I can travel with.  Years ago I had this idea and was somewhat successful but it didn’t last very long.  I had a website on which I did life coaching and helping people with weight loss.  At that time I was also accepted to do an eco-travel job where I was supposed to document my traveling experiences for a website.  I didn’t have a video camera(I was supposed to make v-logs) and I didn’t have a laptop, so it didn’t work out.  I was eager to leave with my family, so I didn’t even have a digital camera.  We eventually got a laptop on the road but getting wi-fi was tough.  It was very difficult to work on the road in those circumstances.

We tried to get an RV, find communities, teach yoga, do life coaching and lead cleanses.  We also made most of our money through street performing.  At that time I think we just needed to see what it was like…that we did.  Now that we have a travel trailer and we know what it is like to be on the road, we both feel a lot more confident and committed to this idea.  Over the past years I’ve asked a lot of people online for advice and many times I’ve been told I’m trying to do too many things.  In some ways that is true, I was trying to do things as if I was the only person who could do them.  I definitely don’t want to hesitate with my goals, but I do want to bring in more people to help.  That is my next mission on my journey.  To bring in more people.

This might not really make sense right now.  I’m a little brainfried from transcribing!  However I really needed to write this blog and I’ll probably be back to make it more accurate later.


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