In My Home This Week…

Older refrigerator model, with freezer compartment

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Dear readers, I am excited.  Though I didn’t tell you yet, the few days in a row that it rained here in Sacramento, the roof in my kitchen became a  DOUBLE WATERFALL!  Very exciting.

We have gnats.  We desperately need to get rid of this gigantic TV in our living room(craigslist here I come!).  The freezer door inside one of our little refrigerators broke and the other refrigerator is barely used due to the stench. I had to remove the mango boxes I was keeping my fruit in on the kitchen counter because they got yucky on the bottom.  Two of our kitchen light blew due to being rained in.  I think that was the problem, I haven’t actually tried to replace them yet.

The shelving unit we have in the living room doesn’t really work very well.  The boxes I put up high so the kids can’t get to it, is constantly found on the floor.  I’m starting to wonder what I should be using that space for.

I’ve gotten deep into the book Organizing From the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern and I’ll report back to you next week, when I’m about halfway in on my organizing tirade.

But let me tell you what I’m really excited about.   We’ve decided as a family that we are definitely going to take this show on the road in the next few months.  I’ve been looking at potential spots to visit at and and identifying the other things we need to take care of.   We definitely want to volunteer, visit some farms, visit some friends and work on the road.  I think we’d probably do some street performing(or busking) like we did the last time we traveled too.  We’d also like to boondock, or stay in parks and campsites without hookups at times, which is basically all we did when we traveled by car, except that we usually slept in our tent or just underneath the sky in our sleeping bags.  Those were the days, I can’t wait to experience that again!  We basically have just a few main things to concern ourselves with:

1. Getting something to tow our travel trailer with.

2. Getting rid of the stuff we don’t need.

3. Selling our motorhome.

4. Figuring out what to do with our little Honda.

5.  Make sure we’re bringing in a decent income, or traveling to places where we can make an income and/or have our essential needs met.

6. Making sure the trailer is in good condition. (fixing the ceiling, make sure they’re all in good shape)

The rest is the fun stuff.  Deciding where to go.  Setting up a work station, converting an unused overused storage space into a bed “room” slash cubby space for the girls.   I’m also constantly imagining a hammock or two.  Acquiring the few extras we will need to travel well.  Doing business.  Fun Stuff.

P.S.  I just discovered portable washing machines.  I found two on craigslist that I really like and I’d like to get both of them.  I’m very excited about this.  Because I wash cloth diapers, I don’t like conventional washing detergents, I make my own, and I find that most people overdo it on that soap, I really don’t like paying for laundromats!  This is going to make me one happy mama!

P.P.S. Not my refrigerator, btw.


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