Must Love Shoes –Book Review

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This week instead of writing about finances and consumerism, I’m going to review a book.  I took on this challenge from the Business2Blogger program.  The book is called Must Love Shoes by Julie Gaver.

It was a quick read, very funny and full of some heartfelt ideas.  The book features several very short chapters that each tells an anecdotal story from the author’s life.  These are stories of a woman, mother, wife and motivational speaker.

The writer has a great sense of humor, a breezy positive air and a penchant for the sentimental.

I really enjoyed reading the book and mostly read it in brief one or two “chapters” at a time.  I could easily imagine this being the kind of book you’d keep in the bathroom or on the coffee table and pick up when you need a little pick me up.

This book also really encouraged the idea of having friendships with women.  The author invites the reader to be a part of her sisterhood, in the first section called “The Truth About Shoes”.  She lists the criteria as a love of life,  love of laughter, not taking yourself to seriously, “And…you must love shoes!”

Well, as a wannabe barefooter, who wants to be barefoot mostly because I loathe shoes, except one great pair of rope sandals I have…I hope I am still accepted.  This is a quick read, with large print, but like I said, the stories are either very funny or sentimental in a really feel-good sense.

I re-read many of the stories, just because.  I saved some of the stories for later, because I could tell what kind of book it was…its the kind you want to cozy up with, read a little and then contemplate your own experiences.  I savored my time to read this book and admit some things about myself, similar to the author’s crises, uproarious mishaps and hang-ups.  She unabashadley admits her faults, her quirks and makes you feel very much like you know her, you are a part of her sisterhood, and like you have walked a mile in her shoes, whether you like shoes or not.

I think this would make a great gift for women of any age, and a great light read for a new mother.  Topics included in the book are related to self-employment, parenting, marriage, pets, health and great activities like pampering oneself and playing The Happy Game.  I found myself wanting to spend some time getting into some of the activities she suggested.  I definitely felt in many of the passages as if she’d been motivating me.

I wouldn’t normally pick a book like this from the bookstore, but I am so glad I decided to apply to review this book.  This is a light read, it doesn’t offer in depth analysis or ideas, but it does offer real stories, practical responses and a positive view that you can’t help be affected by.  If you’re having a hard time feeling motivated or appreciative, I would suggest walking a mile in Julie’s “Must Love Shoes”.

I have not been paid to provide this review.  I was given a free copy of the book and all views expressed are my own personal opinion. 


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