Stuffed Bell Peppers, Cooked Vegan Recipe of The Week.

Bell peppers

This is super easy. I had these things left in my house and not much else. A couple bell peppers, polenta, black beans, carrots and tomato, easy vegan cuisine.

I cooked the black beans first, but if you have canned black beans you don’t need to do that, obviously. Then I cooked the polenta. It doesn’t need to be cooked completely. I put it in the rice cooker for 10 or so minutes, while I prepared everything else. I halved the bell peppers, slithered pieces of carrot with the veggie peeler and my daughter and I put slithers into the bell peppers, then we spooned in some of the beans, finally we scooped in some polenta. We topped it off with a few more slices of carrot, a tiny bit of beans and a huge slice of tomato on top of each pepper.

I had organic cherokee tomatoes and it was lovely. I put them into the oven in a glass oven dish(I don’t know the terminology) for 20-30 minutes, I wasn’t counting, I just checked in on them every now and then. This was a great, easy meal and would be great for a dinner date.

I ate the first by myself and decided I wanted the peppers cooked more so I poured some water into the dish covering the bottom and about an inch of the bell peppers. Just a few minutes later they came out perfect.

I took pictures, but I can’t get my pictures to load…to bad… try this though, it is very yummy!


6 thoughts on “Stuffed Bell Peppers, Cooked Vegan Recipe of The Week.

  1. these DO look good! and, thanks for the shout out to my blog at You have some good looking recipes!

  2. Hey that’s for linking my blog will def try the bell pepper please follow and subcribe to my blog. I will do the same for you

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